Waistcoats are traditional formal wear. An essential part of the formal suiting, they have been a smart wear amongst the men's formal wear primarily. Women also wear waistcoats, but obviously there is a difference in the pattern and the style. They are a nice formal attire for men and women alike for office wear. Men's waistcoats are available in a number of styles and varieties in terms of fabrics and patterns. Casual waistcoat styles have also been evolved with introduction of waistcoats to the younger generation.

Casual men's waistcoats can be worn with T shirts and semi formal-semi casual shirts. Bottom can be jeans as well as trousers. Casual waistcoats look specially trendy with a T,a pair of jeans and a chunky belt.

Tweed waistcoats more of an intellectual's wear. Though the notion should not be an hindrance to those who want to wear tweed waistcoats. Tweed waistcoats can also be worn over traditional dresses like kurta pajamas, and men's pathani suits.

Apart from men's waistcoat styles, women's waistcoats have also become a fashion statement over the years. There a number of styles and creative designs in women's waistcoat designs. Single breasted and double breasted, both styles are very popular. But single breasted waistcoats are usually restricted to formal wear among women. Double breasted and designer waistcoats are highly demanded among women and are also worn in very different and smart styles.

The remixed and revived version of the waistcoat have found acceptance among both the genders. The whole new look has brought about a lot of transition in the way the formal waistcoats are worn. Choose from a wide range of style s and types and wear waistcoats anywhere, for formal parties, office meetings, casual outings or wedding affairs. It's the perfect formal wear with or without a formal suit or a blazer.