Costume Necklace Spring/Summer Trend

The fashion guru says to wear bright color costume jewellery if you want to be different. Yes, bright color definitely dominates the summer costume jewellery trend. Apart from the colors, bold designs also play a significant role in making a style statement. As for costume necklaces, a large pendant inspired by exotic designs with a tint of organic touch works best. The costume drama is nevertheless behind fashion apparels. The large coral and turquoise stone pendants never goes out of fashion. Investing in over sized, bold and bright color necklace will never let you down. Watch the below eye catching costume necklaces and pendants inspired by mother nature.


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Designing Stone Necklace

It is said that every woman loves jewelry, but not all prefers the ready made jewelry available in stores. Stone beaded necklaces are ideal for gifting to your lady love. You may buy a beautiful set of necklace from the store or try designing yourself. Wearing a costume jewelery always win the fashion race and the idea of gifting your own designed stone costume necklace will definitely be appreciated by the recipient. She will feel a sense of caring and belonging realizing the time, effort and thought you put into making a beautiful necklace to adorn her neck. Guys! The below instructions may help you in making a personalized necklace for her.

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Tips to choose a perfect necklace

Perfect casual wear for men

A man wearing cool casuals teamed with right accessories can dwindle his dating options. Yes, it is true! A man definitely want womans attention and also want her to think that he is so cool and sexy. Well, not all man has got the right physique to flatter his lady but wearing a right casual outfit could do the magic. Choosing the right casual wear for menis not tough if you know the basic clothing tips. Watch out the below pictures to get a vague idea of proper casual dressing to woe your beloved!

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Earring studs for women

Have you ever heard ladies gossip inside a beauty parlor; you must try once. Gossip is not limited to only physical appearance but also the jewelry they wear, and earring contributes to an extent. The ladies talk about the flattering earring designs they saw in a shopping mall the other day or the diamond stud earrings wore by another lady in the party. Earrings for women are available in various designs and materials. Apart from gold and silver, aluminum and brass earrings are also in fashion. 

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Tips to Select Ladies Tops

In fact, the title should have been- how to select the right ladies tops that make you more presentable! Why so? Because there are so many types of women tops available that you'll like to collect all of these styles of trendy tops for women but then not all will suit you- and you know that! So, what are the criteria that must be followed while choosing the ladies fashion tops? Here we go with the tips.

Select the Right Fabric Used for Ladies Tops!

Fabrics go a long way to decide as to how comfortable will you be when wearing a fashion top- after all these tops hug your body for most of the time! For example, if it is the summer season, you will be most comfortable in cotton or linen tops and in winters, woolen or other heavy fabrics can be considered. However, when you are going for a party, you will definitely not like to don a cotton or a plain woolen top. The luxurious fabrics such as silk or satin can be the options here. The more trendy tops like embroidered, ruffle or beaded tops, even when made with simple fabrics like cotton, can be selected as party wear.

Select Women's Tops According to Body Shape!

Your Body Shape and built are the most important fctors when selecting women's tops. Plus size women cannot expect to look great in sleeveless, off shoulder or halter neck tops that are more suitable for slim women. They should go for longer sleeves ladies tops. They'll find many such trendy tops.

How toned is your body and what is the structure of your arms too go a long way to decide as to which types of women's tops will suit you. To know how to go with this criteria, you might like to read- Making the Right Choice with Tops

Choose Trendy Tops for Women!

It is not that the plain old ladies tops look bad but trendy tops always make you look more youthful! If you want yourself to be appreciated by the onlookers or just want to be in sync with latest fashion, you must study the seasonal trends and select trendy tops for women accordingly. This can be done by browsing through the fashion magazines, getting reviews of latest fashion shows, and even by keeping track of what the celebrities wear! As for now, you can read this article- New Womens Tops Styles- to know about the present trends in ladies fashion tops.

Choosing Mens Sherwani

A Sherwani is a traditional attire to be worn at the time of the wedding by the groom. In India, this ethnic attire is originated from northern subcontinent by Muslim elites. However, as the time moves on; sherwani has become popular amongst all. Mens sherwani is available in many design, color and patterns. Amazingly, designer sherwanis are increasingly worn amongst high class society in cultural theme parties. Choosing the right sherwani design definitely will help you stand out from the crowd and is a great way to let the other people know your taste and style of clothing! If you think only the designer sherwani works, then that is your misconception. There are many small boutiques carrying the ethnic sherwani which purely reflects uniqueness. But, what if you mix the traditional design with the new patterns? Yes, mix and match always works better.

Traditional Vs Modern Sherwani

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