Sexy Shorts

Every women fantasizes of wearing a sexy pair of shorts, but the deal is which kind of shorts or hot pants would suit their particular body structure as well as how to carry them off with ease and style, because one small negligence towards the selection and donning of shorts can lead to a major fashion faux pas.
This season, shorts are back in vogue hence all the ladies can get ready to bowl over the world with their perfect shorts picks and flaunt the sexy legs with much confidence. The cut off denim shorts would eternally remain the most favorite among the ladies and coincidently, its a major fashion vogue this season. Apart from that, tiny hot pants are another pick from the shorts family which is creating ripples at the fashion front this season. Tailored shorts or knee length pants too, are being favored by the fashionistas to beat the heat in these scorching summers. Here's a guide for all the ladies who are planning to snap off the sticky summers with hip and trendy ladies shorts.

Tips to Wear Denim Cut Offs
Denim shorts look great with anything which bright and colorful. One can team up denim cut offs with big, bold printed t-shirt or top, but only in a proportionate way. Since the look has to be quite breezy, one has to be very careful with it that the look does not seem over the top. Gladiator sandals go best with shorts, hence pair them up with it to set the perfect look for scorching summers. In case you are feeling like lagging around in a really old pair of denim shorts, then a tank or loose fitting tee can match up nicely with it for the lazy weekend. You can add a dash of femininity to this look by teaming it up with some heels.
For a sophisticated beach look, one pair up the cute denim shorts with a cardigan. A bright colored sarong or scarf with this look can add on to the glamor quotient manifold. While for the night outs, one can long denim jeans can be rolled up and teamed up with blazer and strappy sandals to set the party mood right.

Tips to Wear Hot Pants
Hot pants are the tiny barely-there pair of shorts which undoubtedly look extremely sexy, but the most important thing which one should keep into account is that hot pants can only be carried off on toned legs. You would obviously not like to be the talk of the town for flaunting your flabby thighs out in open! Hence, make sure that if you plan to don a sexy pair of hot pants then you hit the gym well in advance to tone up the excess flabs on your legs. A tall, skinny female with moderate curves looks best in hot pants. Look out for negative hemline while picking up a pair of hot pants as it helps in maintaining the comfort levels while carrying it and also does not let it shrink too high in sitting or walking postures. As far as footwear are concerned, make sure that you do not make the mistake of pairing it up flats. Hot pants are just not meant for flats at all. High heeled stilettos are the perfect match for the tiny hot pants. Dark colored hot pants with a loose, billowy top and strappy high heeled sandals is perfect look for a late night party or a visit to discotheque.

Tips to Wear Tailored Shorts
Tailored shorts refer to the loose fitting knee length shorts which can be carried not only to the casual events or occasions but within a professional environment too. These tailored shorts are comfortable with generous fitting, far from being clingy and can be paired with a simple shirt or blouse. A pair of bellies or peep toes completes the the look and well, you are ready to head towards a meeting or the office itself. Alternatively, a ribbed tank and flat sandals would transform this look into a put together weekend look.

White : The Luxurious Color

White shade is known for its serenity and calmness. It is often called a luxury color as it is actually a sum total of all the available and possible colors. The coolness which it renders and the stark contrast which it provides against bright colors makes it a favorite among fashion designers. The best part about it is that white in itself is an extremely beautiful color. Not only does it brings out the innocence of the wearer but is also a great pick for the scorching summers.
Check out the designers going high with the purity of white shade with tunics and dresses.

Gold, Antique & White Gold Cufflinks

Cufflinks and brooches are perhaps the only original men's fashion accessories that come close to jewelry. Cufflinks specially are still very demanded and preferred accessory. It is an essential part of the men's formal clothing and adds a sophisticated touch. Just like the neck cravats, silk ties and tuxedos, cufflinks are also an accessory that brings a great look to a men's complete formal wear. But the use of cufflinks is not restricted to the formal wear only. It has now stretched to casual jackets and coats in men. Not just in the wearing styles, cufflinks have also changed in terms of the styles and metals being used to produce them. Designer brands and clothing industry barons are actually spoiled the consumer for choice. Trendy designs, flashy metals, diamond stud, 14k & 18k gold cufflinks and what not !

But to adorn gold cufflinks it is important to have a know how of the popular types of gold cufflinks, different brands and designers that offer classic designs in gold cufflinks, what is the price range for gold cufflinks of various types and more. To find about all these things and more, read the complete article.

Men's Swimwear Shorts & Briefs

Men's swimwear has been ignored for long. But off late, with male fashion being redefined, even men's swimwear is now stylized. Different types, colors, sizes and fashions are available in men's swimwear. International brands like Calvin Klein, D&G, Euro and others have brought to market a hip and trendy range of swimwear for men. Varied patterns like stripes, plains, twin color broad stripes, multicolor stripes, etc are now worn by men as swimwear costumes.
Check out some of the different styles in men's swimwear, with an interesting photo gallery to get a clear idea of the styles.

Stylish Ladies Nightwear

Night clothing for women is not just about being in their comfort zone but also about looking their sensuous best. One should pick a kind of nightdress which not only is comfortable but also a kind which highlights their assets too. You can pick your favorite sleep wear from the various styles and designs available. Shorts and floor length sheer gowns remain the favourite amonst women.

Have a look at some of the loveliest ladies nightwear here:

Latest in Bridal Jewelry

The ethnic and exquisite bridal jewelry does the ultimate magic in the shimmering shyness of the bride, who has the slight fear of the new life she is going to step into. Bridal jewelry is well known for the kind of sophistication, muliebrity and lushness, it exhibits. Moreover, bridal jewelry is the perfect blend of designs and colors. From past few years many of the talented designers have come up with unique and exclusive jewelry for brides. People have lot many choices from where they can select suitable jewelry depending upon the wedding theme, bridal dress etc.
Now, when it comes to special summer season wedding, people have lot many varieties in order to compliment a summer wedding. Soft and soothing pastel colors matching with the dress of the bride, are used to design the summer jewelry as the bride would not feel comfortable in wearing jewelry which is too heavy and flashy and specially the necklaces. Multicolored, glass pearls and colored stones are perfect choice and are latest in bridal jewelry.
And one of the most classy and sophisticated pieces of bridal jewelry is the flowery jewelry that can be adorned in accordance with brides outfit. Flowers like roses, lilies, daisies etc can be imitated to make flowery jewelry which looks absolutely stunning and graceful. The flower jewelry for bride can be customized in bright vibrant colors in order to accentuate the femininity of the bride. It is one of the most beautiful experience when a bride wearing flowery jewelry, walks down the aisle, carrying the bouquet of flowers.

So, get all the latest in bridal jewelry and make sure that the jewelry should be unique and exclusive to look at, enabling the bride to stand out on the most important day of her life.

Trendy Tote Bags

Tote bags refer to the spacious utility bags which are generally carried to put in a number of things together. These have enough room to put your towel, change of clothes, snacks etc. etc. for your beach trip while lunch box, water bottle and important papers can be carried in a tote bag for office. These tote bags are available in a number of designs, sizes and styles. So next time you go shopping, just look out for a trendy tote bag which can make you carry your whole world with you...!!

Check out few trendy fashion tote bags here:

Men's Formal Wear Accessories

Men's accessories is no more an alien term. It is very much an earthling and men who wear fashion jewelry and other accessories are not gays. Earrings, rings, neck chains, pendants and piercing rings. All of them are fashion accessories worn by men around the world. Celebrity and model endorsements have further pushed these things down to the normal men.

But men's formal wear fashion accessories still the traditional ones that are being worn since ages now. The traditional formal wear accessories are worn with a sleek new touch to them. New styles that range from minimalist designs to flashy colors. Let's learn a little more about what are these formal wear accessories and for what occasions can they be adorned.

Cravats are tie-like neck wears for men in formals. They are an alternate wear for the tie. Silk cravats are specially popular among men, with a huge range of colors and patterns available in them. Wedding cravats are one of the most scene nowadays as they give a different look than the regular formal ties.
Pocket Squares
Pocket squares can be folded in 'n' number of types and give a very sophisticated look to the whole formal attire. Pocket square folding tutorials are easily available on the Internet. Techniques for different kinds of pocket square folds can be easily mastered with these tutorials.

Cuff links
Cuff links are traditional formal wear accessory objects that are worn on the dress shirt cuffs or the blazer cuffs. They are fashionable and are available in a variety of colors and designs . They can be worn for multiple occasions like parties, weddings and meetings. They are dressy enough to suit all these occasions.

Watches are again classic men's accessories and look very smart when worn with formals. Black straps are the traditional style, but silver and golden chairs, leather straps in browns and black, sleek dials and subtle dial color watches go really well with the formal wears.

The Glory of Gowns at Cannes Red Carpet

Cannes Film Festival is known for its fashion at the red carpet. The celebrities from the world over carry the best of the ensembles by internationally acclaimed designers, making the event a high profile fashion potpourri. This year, gowns ruled the red carpet at Cannes. Most of the ladies including Eva Longoria and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan donned impeccably stylish designer gown. Elie Saab and Gucci gowns stole the show with their chic designs and graceful cuts.
Here's a sneak peak at the beautiful gowns which made a glorious fashion statement at Cannes:

Eva Longoria an Emilio Puccio creation

Salma Hayek in a Gucci Haute Couture

Kate Beckinsale in a Marchesa look

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in an Elie Saab creation

Lin Peng in a Dolce & Gabanna ensemble

Naomi Watts in a Gucci Premiere number

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan later changed into this Gucci Premiere gown

Classy Platinum Rings for a Dazzling You

Dazzling platinum rings with diamond settings have a classy and sophisticated look. Platinum rings are usually associated with rich and elite class because of their high price tag. With gemstones like emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond embedded in platinum rings look even more impressive and alluring. These expensive stones not only enhance the looks of the ring but also make them durable enough. The more the number of stones the more pretty it will look.
 platinum ringWhile choosing a platinum ring you should take into consideration, its cutting and embellishments. Before buying these jewelry rings you should have a clear idea about the price and then go for your choice. Rings with intricate designs and attractive curving done on them are quite expensive. Earlier traditional jewelry was mainly focused on settings of stone but now the designs are given more priority.
platinum ring
Platinum rings are much more dense in comparison to other metal rings and that's why weigh more which tends in increased cost. And being a customer you are paying for the weight of the jewelry ring with precious gems adorned in it. Moreover, the volume might be same for both white gold and palladium ring but when it comes to platinum ring, it will be almost double. And the same goes for price, platinum ring will cost double the gold ring or palladium ring.

So, have one of these classic pieces to add a touch of glamor.

Tattoos: The Aesthetic Body Art

Tattoos refer to the beautiful body art done to enhance the physical appeal of the body and make an ultimate fashion statement too. Though the pain of getting it done makes it a difficult process yet people go for it just to be a cut above the rest and flaunt their assets in the most trendiest way. Since both men and women dote over the tattoo art equally, the designs for ladies tattoo and gents tattoo differ accordingly.
Have a look at some of the most aesthetic ladies and gents tattoos here:

Trendy Men's Sportswear Clothing

Sportswear clothing are a separate league of clothing and apparels that are tailor-made to suit the sports needs and requirements. Be it the morning jogging shorts, soccer sportswear shorts, sportswear pants, polo shirts, soccer shoes or tennis caps - sportswear clothing are designed keeping in mind the comfort and easy movement factor. The sportswear clothing fabrics need to ensure factors like, is it soft and easy on the skin? does it feel itchy or extraordinarily warm? is it sturdy enough to manage through the wear and tear of a sports person's regime? Etc. Sportswear clothing also need to be loose and flexibility for easy movement of the complete body parts.

Variants in sportswear clothing for men are as many as there are kinds of sports and workout options. Specific sportswear are produced to meet the varied needs. Though these are more of just branding results, but the concept has gone well with the sports lovers world wide. Trendy sportswear clothing for men seem to be the call of the hour. So if you still don' have your personal sportswear clothing and accessories, get the ones that fit into your workout and sports routine.

To check out more images and information about the popular sportswear garments, read the complete article.

Fashion Kurtis: The Eternal Trend

Kurtis or the Indian tunics are one of the most versatile piece of clothing. It has always been on the fashion front for its easy style and elegance. In fact, kurtis has been such an inspiration for the westerners that the western tunic derived its primary idea from the Indian kurti styles only. Now-a-days kurtis are being paired up with leggings or tights unlike earlier when these were teamed up denims only. No matter what they are paired up with, but kurtis would eternally remain one of the most favorite piece of garment among ladies.

Have a look at some of the fashion kurtis here:

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