Women always dream to have a pair of diamond earrings. She loves to flaunt and fantasize diamond earrings but only the correct choice can make her look gorgeous. While choosing a pair of diamond earrings it is very important for you to understand 4 C's of diamond jewelry. Read on to get a brief description of clarity, cut, color, carat and weight of a diamond earring.

Clarity of a Diamond: The more clear the diamond is the more it will sparkle, clarity depends upon on how much the light can reflect through those diamonds without any disturbances of flaws.

Carat Weight of a Diamond:
Carat weight means weight of a diamond. So, it should be very clear that carat is not a measure of quality but a measure of quantity.

Cuts in Diamond: This point is very essential to consider, as clarity plays an important role in determining the beauty of a diamond. For a right piece of diamond it is important to check reflection of light and your goal should be to get a fine cut where no light is lost.

Color of a Diamond: Color helps in determining the actual value of a diamond, whether the diamond is completely without color or is tinted yellow.

Each of the above described 4 C's plays an important role in determining the value of a diamond and should be taken into account while buying a pair if diamond earrings.