Fashion Earrings : Choosing the right pair

Choosing a right pair of earring is as simple as picking one from the shop blindly. Remember, it is not mandatory that the earring should always match with your outfit. The contrast earring also looks appealing and stands out in the crowd. If one is looking for a matching earring, the same color with the print, pattern and color of the outfit is best to go with. However; there are no specific code to follow for choosing a right pair of earring. But, it is also true that a matching earring with the outfit and the accessory you put on surely enhances the overall appearance. Watch out the below varieties of designer earrings worn by different celebrities:

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Terracotta earrings : Another green revolution in fashion world

Terracotta fashion jewelries are increasingly used by women across the world. Since ages, earrings have been an essential element in woman jewelry box. A woman looks incomplete without an earring and a matching earring can transform a placid appearance to an appealing classy look. None of the jewelries are more natural than the terracotta earrings with alluring designs. Since its origin the designs and patterns of Indian terracotta fashion earrings have changed a lot. Nothing is more enticing than wearing a matching earring for the right occasion. It not only enhances the overall physical appearance but builds confidence.

Coming down to the properties; the terracotta earrings are eco friendly and bio-degradable. They are made from clay and handcrafted and painted with natural colors which are environmental friendly. Terracotta jewelries are recyclable which is why the government also encourages the small self help groups who are engaged in making terracotta jewelry.

Below are some collection of terracotta jewelry sets:

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Mens formal shirt for a dignified personality

Mens formal shirt teamed with a formal tie looks smart, appealing and attractive. A little mix and match of shirt and tie color can change the entire look. Brighter color ties over simple formal shirt with rolled over sleeve gives a casual touch. A formal shirt with specific pattern could make you look leaner and smart but again making the right choice is as difficult as carrying it with confidence. See the below two different design formal shirts - on ramp and office wear.

Mens formal shirts are available in many designs and patterns made of different fabric. Fancy designs are ideal for office theme parties whereas the simple designs can be worn while going for a prom night as well. You can choose to wear a formal shirt with or without a tie depending on the occasion. A formal shirt teamed with matching accessories are a definite stand out from the rest. For adding a royal touch to your attire, use brooch, button, collar pin or cuff pin. Trust me everyone will turn their head!

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Formal Trousers as per Body Types

A well fitted pair of trousers can radically transform the entire look of an individual. Formal trousers add a thorough professional charm to the overall dressing style. Though the deal in trousers is to get just the perfect fit of trousers. Mentioned under are few tips (according to body type) that can prove handy while buying a pair of men's formal trousers. Take a look.

Trousers For Short Height People
Short height people should choose trousers that are sans any pleats as a pleated trouser makes the legs look stocky. Short people should go for slim cut trousers with low rise. In case you are short as well as heavy, better go for full cut trousers along with a shorter inseam.

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Indian Silver Toe Rings Across the Globe

The design of the toe ring has changed drastically due the fading tradition. The flashy, multicolored, studded and customized nameplate toe rings replaced the traditional designs. A simple thin and sleek silver ring could be paired with any apparel combination. The stone studded silver toe rings are popular amongst the women with age ranging from 35-45; whereas the simple and the customize message embedded are much in demand amongst the youngsters. Simple yet classy is the essence of new fashion trend and the contemporary craftsmen stay tuned in with the latest trend to survive the competition.
Wearing a silver toe ring replicates a bold style statement. The Indian made toe rings are gaining its momentum across the globe. It is believed that the silver toe rings started selling in New York after a tourist purchased those from India lately in 1973.

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How to Drape an Organza Wrap

An organza wrap is an elegant way of covering the shoulders while wearing a strapless or thin strapped evening dress. Most often ladies carry the wrap by simply draping it around their shoulders, but this can be a messy situation in case the wrap keeps slipping off.Though, tying a wrap is another sticky situation as it looks clumsy and irregular. Thus, if you use an organza shawl or plan to buy one , you should also know the perfect way of wrapping it. The pointers below would indeed help in learning the right way of wrapping an organza evening wrap. Take a look:


Step 1
First of all, drape the organza wrap around the shoulders.

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African Head Scarf- Tying Technique

African head wrap is a bold fashion wrap that females use as a protective layering against harsh sunrays. Head wrap has been used since ages all through the world. For example- in ancient Rome, men use to wipe their face and brow with it while Chinese noble men wore it as a mark of rank and honor. The use of head scarf is still prevalent in few Jewish and Muslim clans. Though, otherwise most of the people flaunt it just as a hot fashion trend. Check out how to tie an African head wrap.
it as a Mentioned under is the right way

Materials Needed

Step 1
First of all, brush back all the hair from your face. Place the scarf on the center of your head making sure that the scarf falls over the ear tops. Position it in such a way that it doesn't fall off your hair. Let a major part of scarf hang behind the head so as to use it while wrapping the scarf around the head. To reduce the length of the scarf, just fold it down the center prior to putting it on head.

Step 2
Next pull together the hair within the scarf that is left hanging behind the head and hold the scarf towards the bottom of the scarf where it is loose. Now softly twist the scarf around the hair, avoiding hair twisting as it would result in tease and pain in scalp. Keep on twisting in similar fashion until the length of the scarf is wrapped around your head. Make sure you have a small portion of head scarf left at the bottom to help secure the entire wrapping once its been done.

Step 3
Align the twisted part of scarf with the ears by pulling the scarf around the back of the head. Wrap the scarf over the bottom of the head as one does in case of tying a bun. Do not wrap it too tightly.

Step 4
Tuck in the remaining ends of the scarf beneath the wrapped hair. This would ensure a well secured scarf. The trick is to wrap it exactly the way one wraps a towel around hair after a hair wash. You can use a hair pin as well to secure it.

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Flaunt your sarong

Generally Sarong is a beach wear or swim wear apparel for women of all age group. It is long flowing fabric with rectangle cut often with bright colors. It is a comfortable and stylish apparel which you will see on the beach and swimming poolside. Some woman uses long T's or robes as cover up but sarong is most common. Sarongs can be bought from a swim wear stores and often the designer labeled sarongs are expensive. Sarongs could be worn in different styles like – simply knot around your waist, over the shoulder, or could be draped over your body. To secure into place or wear it comfortably; some sarongs are designed with buttons or ties.

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Glass Bead Necklaces for every Occasion

Glass bead necklace with formal attire can be sober and stylish yet elegant. Formal tops or shirts can be paired with a simple single round glass bead necklace in earthy color. The formal necklace should be short and close to neck. Very thin chains with big glass bead pendant goes along with the formal dress perfectly. Whereas; any design of glass bead necklace goes along with casual dresses. Beaded necklace is a favorite accessory amongst the youngster. Be it with Jeans & T-shirt, Jeans & Kurtis or traditional dresses; glass bead necklaces brighten up the complete look. Large sequined bead necklace, braided or huge pendant hanged necklaces are common. 

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