African head wrap is a bold fashion wrap that females use as a protective layering against harsh sunrays. Head wrap has been used since ages all through the world. For example- in ancient Rome, men use to wipe their face and brow with it while Chinese noble men wore it as a mark of rank and honor. The use of head scarf is still prevalent in few Jewish and Muslim clans. Though, otherwise most of the people flaunt it just as a hot fashion trend. Check out how to tie an African head wrap.
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Materials Needed

Step 1
First of all, brush back all the hair from your face. Place the scarf on the center of your head making sure that the scarf falls over the ear tops. Position it in such a way that it doesn't fall off your hair. Let a major part of scarf hang behind the head so as to use it while wrapping the scarf around the head. To reduce the length of the scarf, just fold it down the center prior to putting it on head.

Step 2
Next pull together the hair within the scarf that is left hanging behind the head and hold the scarf towards the bottom of the scarf where it is loose. Now softly twist the scarf around the hair, avoiding hair twisting as it would result in tease and pain in scalp. Keep on twisting in similar fashion until the length of the scarf is wrapped around your head. Make sure you have a small portion of head scarf left at the bottom to help secure the entire wrapping once its been done.

Step 3
Align the twisted part of scarf with the ears by pulling the scarf around the back of the head. Wrap the scarf over the bottom of the head as one does in case of tying a bun. Do not wrap it too tightly.

Step 4
Tuck in the remaining ends of the scarf beneath the wrapped hair. This would ensure a well secured scarf. The trick is to wrap it exactly the way one wraps a towel around hair after a hair wash. You can use a hair pin as well to secure it.

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