Terracotta fashion jewelries are increasingly used by women across the world. Since ages, earrings have been an essential element in woman jewelry box. A woman looks incomplete without an earring and a matching earring can transform a placid appearance to an appealing classy look. None of the jewelries are more natural than the terracotta earrings with alluring designs. Since its origin the designs and patterns of Indian terracotta fashion earrings have changed a lot. Nothing is more enticing than wearing a matching earring for the right occasion. It not only enhances the overall physical appearance but builds confidence.

Coming down to the properties; the terracotta earrings are eco friendly and bio-degradable. They are made from clay and handcrafted and painted with natural colors which are environmental friendly. Terracotta jewelries are recyclable which is why the government also encourages the small self help groups who are engaged in making terracotta jewelry.

Below are some collection of terracotta jewelry sets:

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