Dressing Up for an Interview

Flawless grooming is the very first step towards a prospective job as the dressing style speak a lot about one's personality. Thus, one needs to be extra cautious while dressing up for an interview. Here are few tips which can come handy before a job interview.

Step 1
The first step is to confirm whether or not the company follows a dress code. You can call up the receptionist or the secretary of the firm and get first hand information on how the company expects their employees to dress.

Step 2
The location or the work environment is an important aspect to consider, the dressing style would vary according to it only. If you have to work in a library located in a strip mall then sweaters and slacks would make a nice choice, but if its a corporate office then a suave business suit would definitely be the perfect dress to wear. One can go for pantsuit teamed up with sweater or blouse for an informal office.

Step 3
Shoes make an integral part of the entire dress and your overall appearance hence, it should not be neglected at all. Closed-toe shoes, pumps or loafers should be the ultimate options to choose from. Fancy sandals and stilettos should be avoided at all cost. In case you are wearing a skirt, make sure you wear nylons with it.

Step 4
There are certain dress items which strictly don't stand a place in the professional environment. Miniskirts, close fitted sweaters or t-shirts, sloppy overalls are a big no-no for office purposes. Make sure you look smart and chic rather than sleazy and casual on the very first meeting.

Step 5
Closely check your dress for holes, tears, stains, scuffs or wrinkles as any of these obviously do not make a good impression.

Step 6
One has to be very careful with make up for interviews. Make up should be carried as minimal as possible besides jewelry too needs to be avoided. A trendy hot lip color or a fancy nose ring can cost you your dream job. Excessive use of hair spray and perfume should also be avoided.

Step 7
Your hair, nails, hems and the shine on the shoes should be impeccable. A little carelessness on these areas can skip you from appearing as an impressive personality across the interview desk.

Step 8
Make sure that you carry a smart briefcase or portfolio rather than an oversized put-everything-inside handbag. A casual all purpose bag gives a very disorganized feel to the overall appearance.

Scarf Wrapping Styles: Celebrity Circuit's Stole-n-Scarves

Summer is here. And so are the summer stoles and scarves. Head wraps and neck wraps are an everyday sight for the season. And there's nothing official about it. Before you reach out to your summer stoles and scarves collection, it is important to be well versed with the different styles to tie it ? But is reading a tutorial boring? Well, in that case have a good look at the following celebrity images that display in a great variety and detail, different ways of wrapping stoles and scarves both. Hot celebrities have been choosing cool colors in stoles and sporting them irrespective of the gender.

Jessica Alba has revived the trend of stoles in a big way. She usually wears simple, earthy colors in a number of different fashions. Following in her footsteps many other models, celebrities and Hollywood stars have adopted a stole(n) styles in their wears. So let's check out some awesome images of the celebrity circuit's stoles and scarves & their scarf wrapping styles. Read more.

Match Men's Stoles With Formal, Casual & Party Attire For A Chic Look !

Skirts are for women and trousers for men. Jewelry for women and armor for men. Right? But haven't Scot men been wearing skirts as a traditional wear for ages? Didn't men in history wear rings? So why shy? Inferring from the International fashion shows, the change is somewhere midway, as men walk the ramp in skirts with unsurpassed confidence and panache. But a stole has managed to be a part of a regular males wardrobe.

Stoles for men are fashion mufflers, usually made in unisex colors and fabrics, and can be combined with formal as well as casual wears. Matching it intelligently with your attire and experimenting with various tying styles can give men a very stylish and chic look that would be strikingly different at workplace, a regular outing or even a party. Match it, tie it, style it !

Check out how you can match a men's stole with formal, casual & party attire for a chic look !

Trendy Fashion Wraps

Fashion wraps have emerged from the traditional wraps only. A bit of modifications here and there, and you have a new style of wraps. Some of the very popular fashion wraps are shawls, stoles, and scarves. Some of the popular styles in wraps are : beaded wraps, net woven wraps, crochet wraps, lace stoles, silk shawls, cotton wraps, neck wraps, head wraps, full torso wraps and much more.

These basic wrap accessories can give a new look every time a property is altered. A change in the fabric, in the shape, design, pattern, decorative work, anything. Each of these can when changed, give a new look to the wrap. Also how one uses it with the dress also effects the way the whole look of the wrap comes out to be. The worldwide fashion industry has been constantly applying a traditional clothing for different uses and therefore each time leading to a new trend.

Have a look at the following images that give an idea of how a simple wrap can be very different when sewed out of a new fabric, with new kind of a decorative work.

Indian Fashion Trends

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