Fashion wraps have emerged from the traditional wraps only. A bit of modifications here and there, and you have a new style of wraps. Some of the very popular fashion wraps are shawls, stoles, and scarves. Some of the popular styles in wraps are : beaded wraps, net woven wraps, crochet wraps, lace stoles, silk shawls, cotton wraps, neck wraps, head wraps, full torso wraps and much more.

These basic wrap accessories can give a new look every time a property is altered. A change in the fabric, in the shape, design, pattern, decorative work, anything. Each of these can when changed, give a new look to the wrap. Also how one uses it with the dress also effects the way the whole look of the wrap comes out to be. The worldwide fashion industry has been constantly applying a traditional clothing for different uses and therefore each time leading to a new trend.

Have a look at the following images that give an idea of how a simple wrap can be very different when sewed out of a new fabric, with new kind of a decorative work.