70s Brass Vintage Jewelry For Todays Style Statement

A perfect pair of shoes, perfect pair of earring, perfect clothing with matching accessory and make up is what makes you complete. Talking about accessory, a jewelry piece is the best way to give a new life to your wardrobe as well as accentuate beauty in you. The vintage jewelry always is in fashion no matter which century or generation you are in. Amongst all the vintage fashion jewelry, the brass jewelry is the pick of the year. Brass is not a precious metal but the natural raw and rustic look gives the earthy feel which is considered regal in today's fashion world. 

The 70s fashion jewelry trend is back and are popular this season. Brass signifying the ethnicity is the popular choice of material for 70s jewelry trend. Brass jewelry does not mean only the gold like color but also are available in different designs made by mixing with other materials or engraved with stone or beads. The yesteryear's brass jewelry is popular as today's fashion jewelry due to several reasons. The affordable price and the resemblance to gold remains the top factor for brass jewelry being the most demanded fashion jewelry. Brass jewelry is also available in big and bold colors with flashy designs yet subtle in look. Let me try to bring out a clear picture of 70s brass jewelry piece designs swaying the current fashion trend.

Brass Pendants
Large brass pendants are a throwback to the '70s. The intricate self designed brass pendants work well with fashion outfits. Following the current design, pattern and color trend, the jewelry designers are coming up with new designs playing with colors and stones. To give a new look to the yesteryear's brass pendants, the modern designs and patterns are applied to the old design boosting the ethnic look.

Brass Earrings
The 70s large dangle and drop earrings made of brass is gaining popularity amongst the celebrities. The Alexander era classic hoop earring depicts strong feminism and are back to fashion. Apart from the large hoop ear tops, the colorful stone embedded big earrings are gorgeous and no more a 70s fashion now. The miniature painted ethnic earrings are funky and a girlish stuff for the current jewelry fashion.

So, do not ever throw your old piece of jewelry which probably has a high chance of being your future fashion accessory. Also you may design your own brass pendant at home with little effort. Read the steps here: 
Brass Pendants : Design yourself and shine like a celebrity

What Skin Care Products are Perfect for Your Skin Type?

Skin Care
Skin care is essential if you want to look really beautiful! However, that doesn't mean that you buy all those skin care products on the shelves of cosmetics shop. That will be wastage of money and you won't find those useful as well. Every skin type needs different types of skin care products. So, what is the perfect skin cosmetic for your skin type? Lets know!

Understand Your Skin Type

Before you move on to know what is the skin care product meant for your skin, you must know what skin type do you possess. There are basically four types of skin- dry, normal, oily and combination.
  • You have a dry skin type if most areas of your skin appear dry, flaky, matte or feel tight.
  • You have a normal skin type if there is no signs of oiliness or dryness.
  • You have an oily skin type if even when you cleanse your skin, it has excess oil.
  • You have a combination skin type if some areas are oily & some areas are dry.

Skin Care Cosmetic Products for Dry Skin- This type of skin doesn't produce enough sebum or natural oil and thus causes skin to flake off or feel tight and itchy. As it is more prone to produce wrinkles and lines, you must select such skin care products that add extra hydration to your skin like emulsion cleanser and moisturizers.

Skin Care Cosmetic Products for Oily Skin- Here there is over secretion of sebum causing the skin to attract dirt and dust. As it is prone to breakouts, you must select skin care products that keep your skin thoroughly cleansed and free of toxins. So, choose face wash with oil control formula and moisture balance creams.

Skin Care Cosmetic Products for Normal Skin- Usually this type of skin doesn't need much of cosmetics and you just require to give gentle care to it. You must select such skin care products that are not overly hydrating. So, choose, gentle foaming cleanser and SPF 15 defense cream.

Skin Care Cosmetic Products for Combination Skin- If you have a mixed skin type, you might have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area) and dry or normal skin in other areas on the face. You must select skin care products made without harsh ingredients.

Now you must be thinking what are the harsh ingredients. These are the harmful skin cosmetics ingredients like alcohol, menthol, thick emollients, pore-clogging waxes, fragrance, abrasive scrubbing agents, harsh/drying cleansing agents, etc. You must avoid cosmetics with these ingredients. To know more about what ingredients are used in skin cosmetics and how are they beneficial or harmful, read Skin Care Cosmetic Products

Men clothing depending on body structure

Fashion clothing is not about wearing designer or branded outfits but also the outfit matching with your look and body type. You surely turn your head around when you see a man well dressed complementing his body and looks. A manly look, funky look, decent look, party look or any other look it may be, without proper clothing sense no man could get that wow factor. We always tend to make fun of those with inappropriate dressing sense. Guys, never forget that choosing a right outfit also depends on your body structure. Here are some valuable guidelines for men clothing depending on body type. Do not take it light, follow the rules seriously to stay tune with the latest fashion trend.

Low waist jeans or trousers are a big no for man with short waist. Avoid tucking in your shirts, instead go for pull overs. Even contrast pattern will be a drawback highlighting your short waist, it is a good idea to go for a same pattern or same shades. Always make sure to remind the tailor to measure your trouser waist by one inch higher to your waist line. In contrast to short waisted men, for long waist men has to wear choose the outfit other way round. So all the long waist guy, low waist jean looks cool and stylish with contrast color shirts tugging in. Even double breasted blazer and jackets suits diverting attention from long legs. Wear a big buckled belt and stay cool.

Read the full tips here: 

Rhinestone adding glitter to fashion jewelry

There is no end for womens fashion jewelry design. Even sky is not the limit for exploring the unparalleled extra uber cooled fashion jewelry. The latest womens jewelry fashion is unique and stands out from the traditional designs. So lad, I bet that you do not want to be outdated and despised by rest peers. Choosing a right pair of fashion jewelry set could help you achieve that wow look every one admires for. Catching up with the latest jewelry fashion trend surely is a dilemma for fashionista due to the price restraints.

Now, you need not run from the changing fashion trend. Due to technology advancement, the fashion jewelries are made of different artifacts which are affordable and also gives a killer look. The new entrance to the womens fashion jewelry world is 'Rhinestone Studded Jewelry Sets'. It is the latest and emerging piece of fashion accessory women would love to adorn. Rhinestone earring, necklace and rings are distinct from other jewelries in terms of its grace and charm. There are various design range to choose from which gives a fresh look and also comfortable to wear.

Check the collection of latest design Rhinestone Jewelry in: 

Latest Wedding Sherwani Design and Fabric

Velvet Wedding SherwaniMens sherwani is probably the undying fashion outfit in entire Asia specifically in Pakistan ad India. Earlier sherwani was generally made of silk with front panel embroidered and sequin works but lately, the design pattern has been changed along with the fabric used as well. The changing fashion led to entry to new designers with latest sherwani patterns with multiple fabrics. The current mens sherwani available is a fusion of modern design with ethnic motifs.

Amongst all, the velvet sherwani is the latest entry into mens fashion world. The dark blue black velvet sherwani is the most happening which gives a royal look. Most of the high class Indian bridegrooms are relying on velvet sherwani for their special wedding day. The shine finish of the velvet sherwani definitely amuses everyone in the wedding party. The demand of velvet sherwani rises mostly in winter season. Wearing one gives an imperialistic approach creating a lasting impression. Check out the image on the right side, the velvet sherwani wore by famous Bollywood actors, Vivek Oberoi and Imran Khan on their wedding day.

Read the full article in: 

Bracelet and Bangles: The vibrant hues

Big, bold, bright, contrast shade is the bracelet and bangle color this summer. Since ages, the dull, transparent and neutral color dominated summer fashion trend but now the bright colors dominate the fashion. Bracelets and bangles are the most amazing fashion jewelry women would die for. This summer the over sized colorful bangles are in trend. They not only look chic but also reflects the free feminine spirit.

Vibrant Color Bangles
Colorful and Bold Bangles

The gold, silver and platinum bangles are always in fashion but considered to be classic and traditional. These summer, you will see bright colors adorning the bare arms. The pearl bracelet of black and white pearl bead gives a new look. Some of the popularly used material for trendy fashion bangles are: leather, mixed metal, plastic, wood, resin etc. These vibrant color big bangles are mostly worn by youths. In vibrant color, the citrus hues and other nature inspired colors are hot this summer. The black and white combination never goes out of fashion and easily catches onlookers attention. Check out few summer collections here:


Indian Fashion Trends

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