Velvet Wedding SherwaniMens sherwani is probably the undying fashion outfit in entire Asia specifically in Pakistan ad India. Earlier sherwani was generally made of silk with front panel embroidered and sequin works but lately, the design pattern has been changed along with the fabric used as well. The changing fashion led to entry to new designers with latest sherwani patterns with multiple fabrics. The current mens sherwani available is a fusion of modern design with ethnic motifs.

Amongst all, the velvet sherwani is the latest entry into mens fashion world. The dark blue black velvet sherwani is the most happening which gives a royal look. Most of the high class Indian bridegrooms are relying on velvet sherwani for their special wedding day. The shine finish of the velvet sherwani definitely amuses everyone in the wedding party. The demand of velvet sherwani rises mostly in winter season. Wearing one gives an imperialistic approach creating a lasting impression. Check out the image on the right side, the velvet sherwani wore by famous Bollywood actors, Vivek Oberoi and Imran Khan on their wedding day.

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