Skin Care
Skin care is essential if you want to look really beautiful! However, that doesn't mean that you buy all those skin care products on the shelves of cosmetics shop. That will be wastage of money and you won't find those useful as well. Every skin type needs different types of skin care products. So, what is the perfect skin cosmetic for your skin type? Lets know!

Understand Your Skin Type

Before you move on to know what is the skin care product meant for your skin, you must know what skin type do you possess. There are basically four types of skin- dry, normal, oily and combination.
  • You have a dry skin type if most areas of your skin appear dry, flaky, matte or feel tight.
  • You have a normal skin type if there is no signs of oiliness or dryness.
  • You have an oily skin type if even when you cleanse your skin, it has excess oil.
  • You have a combination skin type if some areas are oily & some areas are dry.

Skin Care Cosmetic Products for Dry Skin- This type of skin doesn't produce enough sebum or natural oil and thus causes skin to flake off or feel tight and itchy. As it is more prone to produce wrinkles and lines, you must select such skin care products that add extra hydration to your skin like emulsion cleanser and moisturizers.

Skin Care Cosmetic Products for Oily Skin- Here there is over secretion of sebum causing the skin to attract dirt and dust. As it is prone to breakouts, you must select skin care products that keep your skin thoroughly cleansed and free of toxins. So, choose face wash with oil control formula and moisture balance creams.

Skin Care Cosmetic Products for Normal Skin- Usually this type of skin doesn't need much of cosmetics and you just require to give gentle care to it. You must select such skin care products that are not overly hydrating. So, choose, gentle foaming cleanser and SPF 15 defense cream.

Skin Care Cosmetic Products for Combination Skin- If you have a mixed skin type, you might have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area) and dry or normal skin in other areas on the face. You must select skin care products made without harsh ingredients.

Now you must be thinking what are the harsh ingredients. These are the harmful skin cosmetics ingredients like alcohol, menthol, thick emollients, pore-clogging waxes, fragrance, abrasive scrubbing agents, harsh/drying cleansing agents, etc. You must avoid cosmetics with these ingredients. To know more about what ingredients are used in skin cosmetics and how are they beneficial or harmful, read Skin Care Cosmetic Products