Tinkling Anklets for Your Beloved!

Are you tired of the same old cards, teddy-bears and chocolates? How about gifting your beloved an anklet? It would be something new, charming and absolutely romantic!
To many people anklets would be a reminiscent of old Hindi movies where the hero romantically kneels and puts a pair of anklets on his lady’s feet. Well, your lady would love it if you too did the same for her!

Cultural Significance of Anklets and Fashion Today
Anklets have been worn for centuries by women. They have been associated with femininity, tribal pride and a woman’s bonding with her husband. Traditionally made with heavy metal chains of copper, silver, or gold, anklets also used to serve the purpose of identifying the financial status of a woman. Back then these jewelry pieces were worn on both feet but as per the dictates of the current fashion rituals, only one anklet is worn at a time giving a trendier look. Also, the hefty chains have been replaced by sleek looks and lighter materials for comfort.

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Anklets: Attractive Fashion Jewelry for Women of All Ages

What are Different Styles of Corset Tops?

Corsets have always been a fascinating clothing item for women. After all, they bring the fantastic feminine feel to the wearer! The corsets as inner wear and corset tops and dresses as outerwear have thus been very popular among the women world over. In the recent times, the ladies have become more fascinated towards these corset tops that come in many different styles.

Corset Top Styles – The Neck Patterns!

Why neck design when the top of the corset tops are more for showing up the skin? Because then also, the neck patterns are defined in these tops for accentuating the bust! Some of the very popular of these are:

Sweetheart Style- As one of the main functions of corset tops is to accentuate the bosom, the sweetheart neck is a popular style in them. The neck of these tops have a curved bottom edge that is concave down to resemble the top half of a heart.

Halter Corset Tops- The most popular style of women dresses in the recent times- the halter corset tops that have stylish straps crossing the neck from the back.They give a very fine shape to the wearer's body and for this reason, they are loved by the women!

Strapless Corset Tops- They don't have straps - as is obvious from the name. However, some of them come accompanied with removable garters/ straps.

Corset Top Styles – The Shapes!

Elizabethan Style- this type of corset tops have straight front and are conical in shape that rarely extend below the waist. They make the wearer's waist look slim if worn with the right skirt.

Victorian Style- or the wasp-waist hourglass corset tops follow the exact lines of the figure and bring the waist in sharply. It gives the bust a firm support and also give reduced look to the waist.

Bustier Tops- they look more or less like tube tops. With or without straps, they give an extra lift to the bust so as to give the wearer an attractive feminine glamor!

Corset Top Styles – The Embellishments!

Gothic Style- the Gothic style corset tops are basically party wear that are made in rich dark colors and fabrics. They can be with straps or strapless, halter or off shoulder. Most of them are embellished heavily with laces, frills, ruffles etc. and sometimes have short skirt type structure below the actual top.

Lace Corset Tops- either made with lace fabric or embellished heavily with lace, these corset tops really look nice on women. Paired with jeans and skirts, they give an attractive look to the wearer's personality.

Bandage Corset Tops- as can be guessed from its name, the bandage corset tops are made with strips of fabric having different pattern all around!

Knowing about the different styles of corset tops is not sufficient, you have to pair them with the right skirt, jeans or some other such clothing. So, get to know, What to Wear with a Corset Top?

How to Wear Tops with Skirts?

Wearing Ladies fashion Tops
Wearing wrong fashion tops with skirts can just mar your looks! An expensive skirt with the wrong kind of fashion top can make you look pathetic while even cheap skirt with the right kind of top and accessories can make you look gorgeous! So how, in what manner and which type of women fashion tops to wear with different skirts? Let's find out with these helpful tips on how to wear tops with skirts! Before started reading these tips, just keep in mind that fashion tops for women may include knitted tops, T-shirts, tanks-tops, blouses and button down shirts etc.
  • For most kinds of skirts, it is just all right to keep the fashion top over it untucked, especially when it is a form fitting top that defines your waist properly.
  • For pencil skirts, a sweater top or a button down top tucked within looks good. Longer voluminous tops can also be worn but with caution.
  • Caution can be exercised either by layering or by using a belt. For layering, a jacket can be used over the top. The untucked long top can be belted to give it a more form fitting look.
  • Slim cut V neck T-shirts look good with A-line skirts as they accentuate your waistline well. Avoid wearing bulky and/or flowery tops with these a-line ones as they tend to make you look more heavier than you are. A short-sleeve casual jacket also look good with it. If you wish to wear a loose fit shirt, you might want to add a belt at your waist too!
  • If wearing mini skirt, you can pair it with T shirt and tank tops for more casual appearance. For a more elegant look, try wearing it with a blazer or a jacket.
  • As maxi skirt already has much volume, you can tone it down by pairing it with a cropped sweatshirt.
  • With a high waisted maxi skirt, you can wear a cropped top to get a chic look.
  • For a very glamorous look, you might like to wear a bold, slim skirt paired with a fitted tee. Watch out for color combination though- contrasts will go well.
  • Bodycon (short for 'body conscious') skirts are very tight bandage style skirts. So you have to be extra cautious while pairing them. They are basically worn to have a chic look- so boyfriend blazers, or jean jackets go well with them for such a look. They may also look good when paired with T shirts or tucked in vest.

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