Are you tired of the same old cards, teddy-bears and chocolates? How about gifting your beloved an anklet? It would be something new, charming and absolutely romantic!
To many people anklets would be a reminiscent of old Hindi movies where the hero romantically kneels and puts a pair of anklets on his lady’s feet. Well, your lady would love it if you too did the same for her!

Cultural Significance of Anklets and Fashion Today
Anklets have been worn for centuries by women. They have been associated with femininity, tribal pride and a woman’s bonding with her husband. Traditionally made with heavy metal chains of copper, silver, or gold, anklets also used to serve the purpose of identifying the financial status of a woman. Back then these jewelry pieces were worn on both feet but as per the dictates of the current fashion rituals, only one anklet is worn at a time giving a trendier look. Also, the hefty chains have been replaced by sleek looks and lighter materials for comfort.

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