Glamorous Fashion Brooches

Brooches are the fashion pins that add some extra sparkle to your look. It is a kind of accessory which can be placed whichever place like – clothes, bag, heels, belts, hair wherever prefer. The imitation jewelry section offers a wide variety of brooches from vintage to art deco, from dragonfly to butterfly shaped brooches, you name it and you have it. One can also use multiple brooches together as a bunch to spice up the look.

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Ladies Pyjamas: Shopping Online

The most comfortable form of sleepwear for ladies as most would agree, are the pyjamas.Ladies pyjamas teamed up with over sized t-shirt or same patterned top make perfect night wears. Here are few guidelines which can help you buy the perfect pair of pajamas. Check them out:

The first thing to remember while buying a pair of pyjama is the fabric used in its making. Make sure that it is smooth and easy on body. A fabric rendering itching or any other form of discomfort to the body is obviously a big no-no.

Pyjamas have to be loose enough so as to move the body parts freely within it. Even the slightest of fitting in pyjamas can be a major restriction while sleeping hence, ensure a loose fitting pair of pyjamas for complete comfort.

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Clutch Bags: Buying Tips

Ladies clutch bags are a rage these days with enough glam quotient to style up any outfit with its chic and suave make. However, buying a clutch bag is not that easy. There are few things which needs to be kept in mind prior to buying the bag. Here are certain guidelines to help you buy the perfect clutch bag:

Matching Quotient

Buy a an outfit matching only if you plan to use it with that particular dress only. But if you want to use a single clutch bag with multiple dresses then it is best to go for a kind of clutch which complements most of your dresses. Black or leather brown colored clutch bags go well with most of the dresses. Also make sure that you dont buy a kind which is unlike your personality. A big satchel which is absolutely unlike your personality might not make a very good fashion statement.

Comfortable Hold
To avoid the unpleasant incidents of snatch-and-run or missing the clutches, ensure a tight grip or grip area on the bag. It should also be easy in palm so as to provide comfortable grip.

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Summer Fashion: The Do's and Dont's

The Seasonal transition of winters to summers carries a direct effect on the wardrobe too. There are some basic essentials which needs to be incorporated and taken care of while preparing for each of the season. Here are few fashion tips which can prove handy while settling a summer wardrobe. Check them out:

Basic Clothing
For summer season, there are certain wardrobe staples that are a must have for every wardrobe. One needs to stock up on the basic summer clothing like denim and linen shorts, rather shorts in every summer special fabric should be a part of your wardrobe. Make sure that one has a reasonable number of cool cotton t-shirts to team them up with various kinds of lower like shorts,denims etc. The best women fashion wear for summers are the breezy dresses which render coolness, comfort and style all at one go. Besides, solid colored tank tops too, are a wardrobe essential for summers. For workplace one can mix and match knee length khaki shorts or linen pants with tank-style blouses in cool pastel shades like white, lilac, blue, beige etc. For footwears flip flops, gladiator sandals etc. can be sensible option.

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Colorful Gemstone Bracelets

Bracelets have been intriguing ornaments for women since civilizations. Bracelets have been worn by women since time immemorial, in some form or the other. Handcuffs, wrist clasps and more. Metal bracelets were the first ones to gain popularity and gemstone bracelets soon followed. Gemstone bracelets worn by women and early times were very raw models of metal bracelets with gemstone studs. Chunk gemstone bracelets also became a popular jewelry ornament. Beaded gemstone bracelets were also a popular style.

The modern versions of gemstone bracelets are much more refined and sophisticated. The designs and works are more more intricate and complex. The variety in designs and styles are endless. The beautiful wrist ornament is usually made of gemstones studded in metals like gold, silver and platinum. These are the more popular metals used for making jewelry for women. Otherwise copper bracelets are also quite popular in the rustic bracelets range.

Multiple gemstone bracelets are also quite fashionable these days, The main reason behind the demand for multi-gemstone bracelets is the options in terms of colors that they offer. Having more than one colors in a single bracelet allows more options for mixing and matching it with a number of attires. Many stones like amethyst, pearls, onyx, garnet, peridot, tourmaline, etc .are used for making vibrant bracelets.
Gemstones occur in more than one shapes. The differently shaped beads available provide for a wide array of beaded gemstone bracelets in different shapes like cubed, tear drop, sphere, oval and more. The colorful ornaments are often accentuated with shiny glass crystals for an added reflective brilliance. Deep color gemstones like lustrous champagne amber, jelly green peridot, freshwater pearls, tourmaline pink and aquamarine blue are often combined with duller gemstones for a bright look.

Good Luck Semi Precious Stones

Semi precious stones are known for their color, variety and priceless look. Every semi precious stone has distinctive property, color, brilliance and other physical and chemical properties. Also every kind of gemstone is associated with one or other kind of physical and mental healing that will help you to create the harmony in life and personality. Here are the most important gemstones and their affect on you.


Agate stone has very natural streaks and gorgeous colors. Self expression, strength, good fortune and creativity are associated with it. It also balances the yin and yang energy as considered good from the feng shui point of view. This stone belongs to zodiac Gemini and Virgo and known for its healing properties as well. It also do the cleaning of pancreas, lymphatic system, clean your skin and make the blood vessels strong.

Jasper stone is available in all sorts of colors, ranging from red, pink, green, yellow, grey, white, blue and many more. Also it has many patterns and often the patterns give name to the jasper stone like landscape jasper, picture jasper, camel jasper etc. Jasper is the semi precious stone for Virgos and people born in the month of October. All the chakras are supposed to be aligned by this stone. It also treats the insomnia and brings joy.
Tiger Eye
Tiger eye semi precious stone is known to bring the confidence, courage and protection and also called crocidolite cat's-eye or African cat's-eye. Clarity of self comes by wearing tiger eye stone. Moreover Tiger eye stone gives courage when we need it the most. Roman soldiers used to wear it during battle for protection.

Beryl stone stimulates the mind and helps to increase the confidence and cleaning. Eye disease, swollen glands, bowel cancer and hiccups are cured by wearing beryl stone. Beryl is the birthstone of Scorpio.

Green malachite stone is known for its healing properties. Malachite has the marble effect with bands of light and dark green color. It is used to create harmony in life and pull in money. All negative and painful emotions are released by wearing this stone. Malachite is considered as talisman for children and also warns the wearer regarding impending danger. This is an anniversary stone that is given on 13th marriage anniversary. Zodiac sign Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn and people born in the month of July wear this stone.

Exquisite Green Amber Pendant Designs

Ever laid your hands on green amber jewelry? Check out beautiful green amber pendant designs in silver and wire wrappings. Other ornaments are also available in green amber jewelry, but the green amber pendant gives the luxury of mixing and matching it with desired chains and necklaces. Have a look at the exquisite green amber pendant images !

Bracelets: Picking up the Perfect One

Bracelets are quite a favorite among girls. Every girl loves to don a sleek and delicate bracelet to add one more dash of femininity to herself. Though there are a couple of things which should be considered while buying a bracelet so that you can flaunt it with elan, for years to come. Here are few pointers which can help you buy the best possible bracelet. Have a look:

Consider the Width
Now width is the most important dimension of a bracelet. In case you have large wrists, then its better to go for wide bracelets, similarly, narrow bracelets look good on narrow or smaller wrists. One can modify the width of certain kind of bracelets like charm bracelets by adding a couple of larger charms on it. Make sure that you go for bracelets which complement your wrist for example, a narrow or delicate chain like bracelet might disappear on a large wrist and vice versa. Hence, make a choice as per your wrist structure.

Look for a Perfect Fit
A bracelet or bangle should have a perfect fit. It should slide onto the wrist comfortably and also shouldn't slide off unintentionally too. Though most of the bracelets are adjustable yet in case if its not, then the jewelers or the shop keeper would resize it for you without any extra payment.

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Sensuous Citrine Beads Jewelry

Citrine beads jewelry and ornaments are extremely popular and demanded among the beads jewelry. Faceted beads look some what like yellow topaz beads. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings along with other gemstone beads look absolutely stunning and gorgeous. The yellow-champagne color has a sunshine sparkle to it that makes it lustrous and bright.

Handmade Citrine Beads Jewelry

Handmade citrine jewelry is very popular among women as well as the gemstone jewelry designers. Handcrafted citrine ornaments mostly include string necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Other gemstone beads like carnelian and garnet are also mixed with citrine beads for a touch of brightness and color. They are easy-to-make crafts. All they need is the necessary craft kit items required to put these pearl like beads together.

Citrine beads are available in cute shapes like round, oval, oval with prism cuts, tear shaped and more. Oval shape with prism cuts has a reflection and brightness to it. Apart from the regular shapes, a little different ones, like cubes and cuboid also look good when strung in to make light and peppy hand clasps, anklets or earring. Cube is a relatively rare shape in beads, but such qualities make a cube shaped citrine ornament all the more demanded and valuable.

Citrine is a popular gemstone and citrine crystal jewelry is also a very popular ornamental style. But nothing to beat the charm and sensuousness of citrine beads jewelry - an excellent wear for any occasion, ranging from a cocktail party to a wedding reception. Match them with the light dresses, matte pump shoes and a messy hairdo for a complete carefree chic look.

Pink Pearl Pendant – A Gift of Love

Gifting a loved one needs thought. Specially when the special one happens to be our partner for life. Women love pearl jewelry. But the most common color in pearls is the white pearl. But apart from beautiful necklaces, rings and other ornaments in white pearl, there is another beautiful variety of the semi precious stone – pink pearls.

Pink pearl pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry; a gift of love. A beautiful way to keep alive the romance in an intimate relationship, a pink pearl pendant is a suitable gift for almost any occasion. Gift it on Valentine's day, wedding anniversary, birthday or any other special day. Its charm is sure to woo your love by all means.

Technically, pearls in pink are not the real pearls. This is because of the absence of a organic crystalline, nacre, in these pearls that gives the bright glow to the pearls. This also makes this pink prone to fading with exposure to sunlight. Pink pearls are a rare gemstone as they are formed inside a giant conch shell often known as the Queen conch. The rarity of this gemstone is what makes it valuable and precious. And women for sure know how to preserve and value the rare species of gemstones.

The soft flame and sparkle in the pink pearl pendant is sure to refract the glow on to your lady's face and brighten up with a twinkle in her eyes and a big smile on her face. Get a simple drop pendant, a cluster of small pink pearls or a handcrafted strung-in pendant for that extra magic with your gift of love. The soft glow, the soft flame along with a soft metal neck wire would just do wonders to the gift. Go for a pearl stone studded in subtler metal tones like platinum. Gold and silver also go down pretty well and add to the shine of the pink pearl pendant. Beautiful designs and styles are available in designer brands and other well known brands in gemstone jewelry. So splurge some and get that pink pearl out from the conch, right onto your woman's neck hollow !

Classic Chikankari Kurtis

Chikankari embroidery form of the royal city Lucknow is quite famous not only in India but all over the world too. Its intricate handcrafted designs and thread work makes every fabric piece carrying chikankari a classic. Though this particular form of embroidery is popularly done on sarees, bed linens, cushion covers etc., but what remains the most favorite amongst all the chikankari crafted garments, is the ladies fashion kurtis. The delicately designed fashion kurtis are so attractive that not only ladies, but males too can't resist picking up a classic chikankari kurti for their female counterparts.

Have a look at some of the beautiful chikankari kurtis here:

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Swarvoski Clutch Bags: The Bling-Bling Trend

Swarovski clutch bags are the hottest pick in the fashion circuit these days. The stone studded clutch bags look extremely glamorous as they instantly increase the style quotient of a female. Besides being a highly stylized fashion accessory, swarvoski clutch bags are just perfect or rather tailor-made for parties and other formal occasions. One can team them up with glossy attires or even simple dresses to spruce up the party feel. Put in your cell, the car keys and your lipstick into it and voila..!! You are all set to hit the party and get some appreciating glances for your stylish swarvoski clutch bag too.

Check out few of the highly trendy swarvoski clutch bags here:

Pearl Galore !

Pearl stone jewelry is an all time woman charmer. The pearl galore is all over and needs no occasion to celebrate its timeless beauty. Check out the beautiful jewelry ornaments in pearl stone.

The Sleekness of Ladies Formal Shirts

One common clothing piece among every working lady's wardrobe is the formal shirts. Since at most of the workplaces it is necessary to strictly follow the dress code, one has no other choice but to stick to plain, non-dressy formals. Formal shirts form an integral part of the entire formal dress code. Ladies can creatively mix and match the shirts with formal skirts, trousers, cotton pants or even denims for a semi-formal look. Team them up with anything and you are ready with a sleek professional look.

Have a look at some of the ladies formal shirts here:

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Classic & Elegant Onyx And Gold Ring

Onyx is a black stone and gold a classic metal. Both together are a brilliant combination for those who have a classic style sense. Jewelry in the modern days is more of flashy designs and colorful stones. In such a scenario, finding a simple piece of jewelry is a tough job. Rings in specific are the simplest of the ornaments. Black onyx and gold ring is a simplistic piece of onyx and gold jewelry that is looks very elegant and classic when worn.

Onyx and gold ring can make for a wonderful piece of jewelry for a number of occasions. The popular styles of the onyx and gold ring are :

Onyx And Gold Ring With Diamond Studs
Diamond studs are a common feature with all sorts of rings. But an onyx and gold ring looks specially spectacular with a diamond stud. A single stud with add a small stellar brilliance to the ring, whereas a patterned cluster would make it a little more shiny. Onyx and gold ring with a diamond crystal touch is also a popular style for men. Men have often been spotted wearing such a pattern in the onyx stone rings.

Cocktail Onyx And Gold Ring
Cocktail onyx and gold ring has more than one colors in it. The color variation can be brought about by either adding a different metal like rose gold or silver and it can also be induced by adding more than one gemstones. Any other gemstone other than the black onyx can be combined for making it a cocktail ring.

Twin Stone Onyx And Gold Ring
Twin stone onyx and gold ring is the one that has more than one onyx stone studs in it. This is also a simple and elegant design just like the onyx and gold ring with a diamond stud in it.

So if simplicity and elegance define your style sense, adding an onyx and gold ring to the jewelry box is a great idea !

Up Your Style Quotient With Funky Anklet Tattoos

Ankles are a favorite spot for women to get the tattoos done on them. And many women feel that it is one of the shapeliest part of the female body which exhibits the beauty of tattoos in a more better way. High heels or sandals can easily highlight ankle tattoos. Anklet tattoos can easily be seen as ink anklets, flaunting the lower leg portion. As it is seen with the bracelets or wristband tattoos, anklet tattoos also go usually in a circular fashion or depending upon the style of the tattoo. Moreover, there are lot many patterns of anklet tattoos, ranging from a stark black barbed wire tattoo to a colorful charm bracelet tattoo. But, the round styles offers many different styles that can make proper utilization of anklets and it's specific anatomy.

Patterns related to flowers and nature work well in anklet bracelet tattoos. Also an ivy vine going all around your ankle looks classic and will look unique.

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