Topaz gemstone is a stone that is colorless in its purest form. But the obvious question that crops up with this statement is that how come it is available in a sparkling blue color. The high refraction of the deep blue color topaz jewelry is absolutely stunning. But blue is not the only topaz color that has the the world running after it. Jewelry manufacturers have also discovered the commercial potential of other topaz color variety and ornaments that can be made out of these varied topaz colors.

Apart from blue topaz color the other topaz colors that have found popularity, and are used for the purpose of making gemstone jewelry are:

Blue Topaz – Blue topaz needs no introduction. It's all over the place.

Pink Topaz – Pink topaz color is usually not a pale pink, but a deep pink topaz color that looks very bright and even ethnic when worn with darker metals like sterling silver. Pink topaz pendants in specific look very beautiful.

Yellow Topaz – Topaz color yellow is usually a fiery yellow, again very refractive like all the other shades. It is a popular color in pendant and rings.

Green Topaz – Topaz color green is not really popular in jewelry. Green topaz rings and earrings are the only ornaments that are even seen. They are a rare variety even with the gemstone dealers owing to no awareness about the particular topaz color.

Purple Topaz - Purple topaz is close to the shade of the pink topaz and extremely rare. Usually pink topaz is presumed to be the purple topaz also, and not many even know that this topaz color exists.

Orange Topaz – Orange topaz color is again a rare variety. It is also known as the Precious or the Imperial topaz and was, once upon a time, believed to be a powerful talisman.
Red Topaz – Red topaz color jewelry is usually deep red and the shade is quite different from the pink or the orange topaz. Rings, pendant, earring, bracelets all kinds of jewelry is made of red topaz.