Onyx is a black stone and gold a classic metal. Both together are a brilliant combination for those who have a classic style sense. Jewelry in the modern days is more of flashy designs and colorful stones. In such a scenario, finding a simple piece of jewelry is a tough job. Rings in specific are the simplest of the ornaments. Black onyx and gold ring is a simplistic piece of onyx and gold jewelry that is looks very elegant and classic when worn.

Onyx and gold ring can make for a wonderful piece of jewelry for a number of occasions. The popular styles of the onyx and gold ring are :

Onyx And Gold Ring With Diamond Studs
Diamond studs are a common feature with all sorts of rings. But an onyx and gold ring looks specially spectacular with a diamond stud. A single stud with add a small stellar brilliance to the ring, whereas a patterned cluster would make it a little more shiny. Onyx and gold ring with a diamond crystal touch is also a popular style for men. Men have often been spotted wearing such a pattern in the onyx stone rings.

Cocktail Onyx And Gold Ring
Cocktail onyx and gold ring has more than one colors in it. The color variation can be brought about by either adding a different metal like rose gold or silver and it can also be induced by adding more than one gemstones. Any other gemstone other than the black onyx can be combined for making it a cocktail ring.

Twin Stone Onyx And Gold Ring
Twin stone onyx and gold ring is the one that has more than one onyx stone studs in it. This is also a simple and elegant design just like the onyx and gold ring with a diamond stud in it.

So if simplicity and elegance define your style sense, adding an onyx and gold ring to the jewelry box is a great idea !