Citrine beads jewelry and ornaments are extremely popular and demanded among the beads jewelry. Faceted beads look some what like yellow topaz beads. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings along with other gemstone beads look absolutely stunning and gorgeous. The yellow-champagne color has a sunshine sparkle to it that makes it lustrous and bright.

Handmade Citrine Beads Jewelry

Handmade citrine jewelry is very popular among women as well as the gemstone jewelry designers. Handcrafted citrine ornaments mostly include string necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Other gemstone beads like carnelian and garnet are also mixed with citrine beads for a touch of brightness and color. They are easy-to-make crafts. All they need is the necessary craft kit items required to put these pearl like beads together.

Citrine beads are available in cute shapes like round, oval, oval with prism cuts, tear shaped and more. Oval shape with prism cuts has a reflection and brightness to it. Apart from the regular shapes, a little different ones, like cubes and cuboid also look good when strung in to make light and peppy hand clasps, anklets or earring. Cube is a relatively rare shape in beads, but such qualities make a cube shaped citrine ornament all the more demanded and valuable.

Citrine is a popular gemstone and citrine crystal jewelry is also a very popular ornamental style. But nothing to beat the charm and sensuousness of citrine beads jewelry - an excellent wear for any occasion, ranging from a cocktail party to a wedding reception. Match them with the light dresses, matte pump shoes and a messy hairdo for a complete carefree chic look.