Ankles are a favorite spot for women to get the tattoos done on them. And many women feel that it is one of the shapeliest part of the female body which exhibits the beauty of tattoos in a more better way. High heels or sandals can easily highlight ankle tattoos. Anklet tattoos can easily be seen as ink anklets, flaunting the lower leg portion. As it is seen with the bracelets or wristband tattoos, anklet tattoos also go usually in a circular fashion or depending upon the style of the tattoo. Moreover, there are lot many patterns of anklet tattoos, ranging from a stark black barbed wire tattoo to a colorful charm bracelet tattoo. But, the round styles offers many different styles that can make proper utilization of anklets and it's specific anatomy.

Patterns related to flowers and nature work well in anklet bracelet tattoos. Also an ivy vine going all around your ankle looks classic and will look unique.