Gifting a loved one needs thought. Specially when the special one happens to be our partner for life. Women love pearl jewelry. But the most common color in pearls is the white pearl. But apart from beautiful necklaces, rings and other ornaments in white pearl, there is another beautiful variety of the semi precious stone – pink pearls.

Pink pearl pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry; a gift of love. A beautiful way to keep alive the romance in an intimate relationship, a pink pearl pendant is a suitable gift for almost any occasion. Gift it on Valentine's day, wedding anniversary, birthday or any other special day. Its charm is sure to woo your love by all means.

Technically, pearls in pink are not the real pearls. This is because of the absence of a organic crystalline, nacre, in these pearls that gives the bright glow to the pearls. This also makes this pink prone to fading with exposure to sunlight. Pink pearls are a rare gemstone as they are formed inside a giant conch shell often known as the Queen conch. The rarity of this gemstone is what makes it valuable and precious. And women for sure know how to preserve and value the rare species of gemstones.

The soft flame and sparkle in the pink pearl pendant is sure to refract the glow on to your lady's face and brighten up with a twinkle in her eyes and a big smile on her face. Get a simple drop pendant, a cluster of small pink pearls or a handcrafted strung-in pendant for that extra magic with your gift of love. The soft glow, the soft flame along with a soft metal neck wire would just do wonders to the gift. Go for a pearl stone studded in subtler metal tones like platinum. Gold and silver also go down pretty well and add to the shine of the pink pearl pendant. Beautiful designs and styles are available in designer brands and other well known brands in gemstone jewelry. So splurge some and get that pink pearl out from the conch, right onto your woman's neck hollow !