The Uber-Cool Nose Rings & Nose Pins

Nose rings and studs are the hottest fashion trend this season. Its spunky look adds an earthy glamor to the appearance. Available in a number of designs and makes, nose rings can be matched as per your clothing too. You'll have umpteen number of options to choose from these trendy little fashion accessory. As far as choices are concerned then an interesting alternative to the nose rings can be the nose pins. These are equally trendy and what more, you can even swap between the rings and pins to have a different look every time..!!

Check out a couple of nose pins and nose ring designs here:

Tinkling Bangles

The beautiful tinkling bangles are one of the most favorite pieces of jewelry amongst women. Even the most simply designed bangles can enhance the beauty of a hand to a great extent. Generally the bangles are worn in multiple pairs or dozens. Available in almost every kind of metal, bangles offer a wide variety of choice from expensive gold and silver to the very cheap and inexpensive glass or plastic bangles. The vibrant colors and beautiful designs make bangles one of the most sought after fashion accessory. Even during the earliest period of civilization bangles use to be a popular ornament among human beings.

Bangle designs range from the beautiful intricate carvings of gold and silver bangles to the tiny mirror work on lac bangles. Now-a-days, the costume jewellery designs in bangles too come in a vast variety to suit the preferences and taste of every women.

Glam Up The Cocktail !

Cocktail parties are an occasion to be dolled up. So why let go of the opportunity. Set the party on fire, get the hearts racing. Glam up the cocktail party with just right cocktail essentials. The dress, the jewelry, footwear and everything glamorous. Check out what to wear for the cocktail, to get it just right for the night. Or day as it may be!


A nice cocktail dress is a must for any cocktail party. There is no hard and fast rule list for what dress to buy. But in general a nice short dress is suggested. Choose the mood that you want to carry. If its hot and ravishing, go for golden sequins, bright reds, browns, deep purples, etc. choose bolder cuts and styles as well. Go for strapless, single shoulders, backless, plunging necklines,etc.

Or if you want to be the angel of the party, well a soft color, with softer cuts, flowery straps and satin ribbons are suggested. If the shoulder exposure is more, use a nice wedding shawl in net and baby satin ribbons.


Footwear need not be tamed for any kind of an attire. Wear what you want. High heels are a must though. Keep out pump shoes too. Flashy and feet skin revealing, scrappy footwear is the cocktail code. Stick to it.


If you have chosen the elegant look, well nothing beats pearls. But the options do not end there. Stunning jewelry in topaz, prasiolite and rose opal is out of the world. Get one to cherish long after even the cocktail is gone.

For the hot look, go for bright amethyst chunk necklace or a bight and shiny cocktail ring.

And in the end, importantly, do not forget to wear your smile and confidence.

Female Business Wears

The growing professionalism in offices and boardrooms, the expectation in terms of dressing too has changed a lot. Employees are expected to dress in sleek business suits and formals to maintain the decorum of a thoroughly professional environment. In this case men have a very limited choice with shirts, blazers and trousers but women have a comparatively wider range of options with skirts, slacks, formal dresses etc.

One thing to remember with office wear is that it should never be over the top. Try to go for subtle colors, smart cuts and decent stitching. Blazers or trousers should be well fitted while skirts should not be too short. It is advised to dress as simply as possible and stick to the basics until one gets a knack for the respective workplace.

Have a look at some of the chic business wear for females:

Jewelry Designs : The Significance

Jewelery has been a symbol of prestige and status since time immemorial. During the Egyptian period, jewelry use to explain the standing of the person in the community thus, the more the jewelry, the more respect one could command. Men and women use to adorn themselves equally with precious metal jewelries. Bangles, leather bands, gold and silver gemstone jewelries etc. were popular in the early period of jewelry trends.

The designs, cuts and craftsmanship is something which every individual notices before buying a jewelry piece. It has to be so done that it not only complements the wearer but also attract attention for its make and craftsmanship. Generally, the price of each jewelry piece escalates with the intricacy of design. The more intricate the craftsmanship would be, the more expensive the piece would get but it is the case mainly with the precious gold and silver jewelries otherwise similar designed costume jewelry pieces are available in a much cheaper range.

Chic and Classic Bracelets for a Trendy You

Fashions for summer promise for a change when it comes to accessories. Your entire look and style is set by the kind of accessories you wear, and among the accessories, bracelets demands special attention. Spring-summer 2010 season sees lots of bracelets worn all over the arm, from wrists to forearms. The diversity of styles and designs is also huge.

Chic and classic bracelets for spring-summer 2010 combine various materials and textures with unique patterns. But to be trendy a bracelet must meet a number or other requirements as well.

Chunky bracelets are back this summer. The more massive a bracelet looks the better it is. Whether you are wearing plastic, wooden, or metallic bracelets, mind it they must be big in size this spring season. Punk style wide studded bracelets are in trend, especially when mixed and matched with sophisticated silver or gold jewelry or crystal bejeweled bangles.

chunky bracelets
Animal Prints
This summer, bracelets featuring various animal prints, from owls and lizards to snakes are also in vogue and are best suited with every casual wear, specially with jeans and top. Roberto Cavalli created bracelets encrusted with bright shining crystals.

animal print bracelet

Ethnic Motifs
Those in love with ethnic and tribal jewelry should turn to bracelets with ethnic motifs. Global fashion trends followers are also following the same trend and are amazed with the works of local designers, who are experimenting with ancient tribal ornaments.

Ethnic Motifs Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been around for quite some time now, so they are a bit boring if you wear them on regular basis but yes again it's all about individual preferences. But yes, don't forget to try diamond charms which will surely add a touch of elegance and luxury to a previously teen-driven jewelry trend.
charm braceletsFlowery Motifs
Bracelets featuring flower patterns and motifs are commonly worn by youngsters. Chunky wooden or brass bracelets decorated with a single large flowers can be worn in pairs, on both or in one hand. Delicate bangles with dangling chains with budding flowers should be matched to the outfit and clutch.

flowery braceletsSo, try these trendy bracelets this summer with various combinations and feel the difference.

The Rugged Look For Men

The rugged men are back with a bang. Unkempt hair, shabby appearance, ill fitting shirt, slim jeans, scarf around the neck and slippers or unpolished, torn shoes. The rugged look in men is in. The stars are in their craziest rugged look for the season. Just like any other look, there are basics to rugged look as well. Get your basics right and then personalize your as per your individual disposition.

Keeping a stubble is perhaps the neatest way of getting a rugged look. Do not shave for a day or two and then get into the routine of trimming instead of shaving. It's as easy as not giving it a thought.

Unkempt Hair
Unkempt hair do not imply never combing your hair at all. It just means not gelling them. Length can vary as per personal taste. From a (Gerald) Butler look crew cut to a Russel Brand wavy locks, the options are abundant.

Worn Out Jeans
A faded pair of jeans that looks old and dirty eternally is a one shot jump to getting a rugged look. Get them stone washed, torn at the right places, dirty or faded. Choose and make them your trade mark rug jeans.

Neck Scarf
A men's neck scarf with a loose, callously worn shirt is the ultimate dirty look. Get a plain, cotton scarf, or a printed silk scarf. It's the tying style that will make all the difference. Get your cowboy scarf and be the bad man.

Good shoes are for gentlemen ! Get some worn out sneakers, casual slippers or dirty boots out of the closet. It's their time now !

Trendy Track Suits

Track suits or jogging suits form an integral part of wardrobe for people who religiously follow a strict regime of regular work out. Gone are the days when jogging suit meant ill fitted losers and long zippers. With the changing trends when people are getting more and more figure conscious, track suits have also undergone a drastic change in terms of style, cuts and designs. Now-a-days you can find trendy cotton-lycra mix track suits which would fit perfectly to your body and maintain a soothing comfort so that you work out without any nagging tit-bits. Check out some of the stylish jogging suits here:

Turquoise Jewelry: The Charm of Blue-Green Hues

Turquoise gemstone jewelry is a popular trend these days. It is actually a soft textured gem which is known to have a porous cryptocrystalline structure. It comes in varied shades of blue and green and is a renowned spiritual jewelry to enhance trust, kindness and wisdom within an individual.

Turquoise jewelries can be teamed up with evening gowns, formal dresses or any other party special dresses that you want. The simple pieces can be carried at office or small get-togethers too.

Guide To Perfect Bridal Accessories

Wedding is THE DAY in a women's life. Both bride and groom a lot of time and care for deciding the perfect dress, the perfect jewelry, the perfect footwear, perfect expression and other perfect miscellaneous(es) for the day. Catering to the women first and have a look at the bride's wedding accessories.

  • A nice dress is a must and obviously goes without saying. A nice fairy-like gown that makes you feel really special and queen like. Since white is the color code for the day, try and include a bit of shine and glitter in your dress for a sparkling you. Bridal shawls and wraps have also been remixed and reinvented for a trendier look.
  • After the dress, the most important accessory is jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, rings, toe rings, bracelets, brooches and more. The list goes on endlessly. A nice pearl necklace or a rhinestone brooch, a topaz and diamond ring or elegant pearl cluster studs. The choices are huge. Try and go for twinkling jewelry with a touch of color in places to contrast with plain whites.
  • A nice clutch is not a must carry for a bride. But the trend has been inclined in favor of the clutch manufacturers. A nice bright, silver, golden, beige or white clutch. A large gemstone chunk stud, is no harm !
  • Footwear is one of the important purchases for the D-day. Again a classic white is a must, but do not stick to plains. Try some studded piece of footwear or anything with a bit of lace work or strings of twinkling zircon studs.
  • A tiara is again one of those bridal accessories that make you feel like a princess. Choose a bridal tiara for yourself with a nice wire bead work, or gemstone studs, or a colorful beads and a flower attached. Explore the abundant options and choose the one that steals your heart.

Toe Rings: An Earthy Fashion Accessory

In India, toe rings among women are a symbol of marital bliss but today, they are identified as a trendy fashion accessory worldwide. Popular among men and women equally, toe rings now-a-days are looked upon as a unisex fashion accessory. Its intricate designs and aesthetic placement on toes provides an earthy boho appeal to the feet, in fact, even a simple silver toe ring can make your feet look a million dollars (provided they are well pedicured). You can pick your favorites among the beautifully carved ones made out of various metals, gems and stones.

Check out some of the trendy and exquisite toe rings here:

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