Shawls and scarves are available in unimaginable variety. They are made for different purpose and are therefore seen in a plenty of fabrics and embellishments. Beads, sequins and swarosky crystals are some of the common embellishments. Beaded shawls looks beautiful and colorful. Sequined and beaded shawls and scarves are more popular in the eastern parts of the world. Traditional wears for countries like Malaysia, Japan, China & India, in general are loaded worth decorative works with myriad bedazzling materials like sequins, glass beads, gemstone beads, metals strip nature related designs like small gold leaves, silver peacock figuratives, etc.

Embellishment beads may be made out of a number of materials like glass, plastic, metal, or waste pieces of semi-precious gemstones. Gemstone beads looks beautiful and lend a glamorous touch to any simple shawl. They are available in an array of lovely colors in all kinds of finishes; smooth, cuts, brilliance and dull, pastel, non glossy shades. A string of colorful glass beads, stud of gemstone beads or a imitation chunk, all are heavy, bedazzling materials that make a shawl matchable with hard core traditional South East Asian dresses like saris, shawls, kimonos and head coverings shawls.

But the growing passions for beaded costumes in the west has also popularized these beaded scarves in the western regions. The western side of the world chooses lighter shades of fabrics as compared to the oriental countries. Wedding and bridesmaid's shawls are some of the styles that incorporate silver beads.

Beaded shawls and scarves can be categorized as casual or hard core party wear depending on the degree of decorative work. Lighter embellishment in subtle colors can also make an embellished shawl and cool day wear. Though washing and overall maintenance of beaded shawls is a headache.