Jewelery has been a symbol of prestige and status since time immemorial. During the Egyptian period, jewelry use to explain the standing of the person in the community thus, the more the jewelry, the more respect one could command. Men and women use to adorn themselves equally with precious metal jewelries. Bangles, leather bands, gold and silver gemstone jewelries etc. were popular in the early period of jewelry trends.

The designs, cuts and craftsmanship is something which every individual notices before buying a jewelry piece. It has to be so done that it not only complements the wearer but also attract attention for its make and craftsmanship. Generally, the price of each jewelry piece escalates with the intricacy of design. The more intricate the craftsmanship would be, the more expensive the piece would get but it is the case mainly with the precious gold and silver jewelries otherwise similar designed costume jewelry pieces are available in a much cheaper range.