The rugged men are back with a bang. Unkempt hair, shabby appearance, ill fitting shirt, slim jeans, scarf around the neck and slippers or unpolished, torn shoes. The rugged look in men is in. The stars are in their craziest rugged look for the season. Just like any other look, there are basics to rugged look as well. Get your basics right and then personalize your as per your individual disposition.

Keeping a stubble is perhaps the neatest way of getting a rugged look. Do not shave for a day or two and then get into the routine of trimming instead of shaving. It's as easy as not giving it a thought.

Unkempt Hair
Unkempt hair do not imply never combing your hair at all. It just means not gelling them. Length can vary as per personal taste. From a (Gerald) Butler look crew cut to a Russel Brand wavy locks, the options are abundant.

Worn Out Jeans
A faded pair of jeans that looks old and dirty eternally is a one shot jump to getting a rugged look. Get them stone washed, torn at the right places, dirty or faded. Choose and make them your trade mark rug jeans.

Neck Scarf
A men's neck scarf with a loose, callously worn shirt is the ultimate dirty look. Get a plain, cotton scarf, or a printed silk scarf. It's the tying style that will make all the difference. Get your cowboy scarf and be the bad man.

Good shoes are for gentlemen ! Get some worn out sneakers, casual slippers or dirty boots out of the closet. It's their time now !