Cocktail parties are an occasion to be dolled up. So why let go of the opportunity. Set the party on fire, get the hearts racing. Glam up the cocktail party with just right cocktail essentials. The dress, the jewelry, footwear and everything glamorous. Check out what to wear for the cocktail, to get it just right for the night. Or day as it may be!


A nice cocktail dress is a must for any cocktail party. There is no hard and fast rule list for what dress to buy. But in general a nice short dress is suggested. Choose the mood that you want to carry. If its hot and ravishing, go for golden sequins, bright reds, browns, deep purples, etc. choose bolder cuts and styles as well. Go for strapless, single shoulders, backless, plunging necklines,etc.

Or if you want to be the angel of the party, well a soft color, with softer cuts, flowery straps and satin ribbons are suggested. If the shoulder exposure is more, use a nice wedding shawl in net and baby satin ribbons.


Footwear need not be tamed for any kind of an attire. Wear what you want. High heels are a must though. Keep out pump shoes too. Flashy and feet skin revealing, scrappy footwear is the cocktail code. Stick to it.


If you have chosen the elegant look, well nothing beats pearls. But the options do not end there. Stunning jewelry in topaz, prasiolite and rose opal is out of the world. Get one to cherish long after even the cocktail is gone.

For the hot look, go for bright amethyst chunk necklace or a bight and shiny cocktail ring.

And in the end, importantly, do not forget to wear your smile and confidence.