The introduction of inkjet transfers and online designers has paved a way for personalized designs for clothing. Self-designed t-shirts are quite popular these days but there are certain cardinal rules which needs to be followed while designing a t-shirt. The three basic design components namely, Contrast, Size and Balance have to be handled very carefully.


Contrast refers to the difference between the brightness and colors. It has to be so set, that the design or the text flourishes out clearly. Colors of same family or with more or less same brightness do not make a good choice for designs. For instance, a bright yellow would not work well on a white background just the way, a dark blue design would blur itself within a black t-shirt.


Size is indeed very important when it comes to apparel designs. The text or graphic has to be big enough to understand or read at a blink of eye. Since nobody has the time or inclination of going through a long text message on t-shirt, one should keep it short and sweet so as to put across the thought quickly and easily.


Balance actually refers to the allocation of the overall text and designs on a shirt. The layout has to be very well balanced in order to make the apparel look an attractive piece. Too much of imagery and text can spoil the entire look and feel of a potentially smart garment.