Accessories are a must to accentuate any party attire. Bangles, danglers, belts, scarves, handbags all these complete the party look. Without accessories a great dress can look absolutely dull, and at the same time with a touch of some basic accessories a simple, below average dress can also do wonders. But one needs to be careful with these accessories, as choosing the wrong accessories can ruin the fun. It's better to go for accessories that can be used in more than one ways. Such accessories give you a new look each time you try a different style with them. Another way to accessorize intelligently is to have a collection of the inexpensive accessories so that you always have a decent variety to choose from. A few of the mentioned party essentials accessories are you perfect guide to move up to the all-time-party-diva status.


A small set of party clutches is what you need to make a mark. Gold clutch with a tiny chain, basic black, shiny silver or a beaded beige; try to go for neutral colors in basic designs. Choose among the regular shapes like rectangles, circular bottoms and round. A smart clutch makes a smart accessory for night party or a grand day affair.

Again have a decent collection of two to three belts of different types. A broad white, black or brown, a thin silver chain belt and a multicolor rope belt is a sufficient trio. The idea is to go for the ones that can be matched with all kinds of party dresses, knee length dresses, jeans, poncho tops and mini skirts. If you get something that allows you to change the belt buckle easily, nothing like it !

Drop Earrings

Of all the jewelry pieces, the smallest and the tiniest is a pair of drop ear rings. Buy something in a decent size that is not too long and not too short. Going for studs is also a good choice if they are big and chunky. Assort a few of them in prime color gemstones - amber pea drops, garnet tear drops or diamond double drops.

If you don't have one in your wardrobe, get them now ! Again a couple of them in a mix of colors is a good idea. Single colors stilettos work only in the all time favorite black. Choose strappy ones instead of tie ups, as they tend to go with skirts more than jeans or dresses.

Put them together and you will never have to say a no to a party due to the dressing dearth. Open the closet & get ready in minutes.