The late 70's & early 80's are back in vogue. All you need for catching up with the fad is to gauge well in your wardrobe to decipher what falls or can be improvised to fall in the retro category. Give your closet a thorough scan to pull out the useful stuff for the particular style. Apart from that you need a few bucks to spare to put in accessories that would save you the dollars you would otherwise spend in buying a new set of in vogue clothes.

Here is a small guide on what to wear and what to avoid to get that retro look. Three basic and helluva easy steps that you might already know, but just reminding you of retro essentials.

Polka Dots
Nothing else relives the retro feel like the polka dots. You can have them almost any piece of clothing adorning your body. A scarf, your shoes, the dress, the bag or even the belt. Just incorporate them somewhere to make in a fool proof retro costume. Now in case you have something in the the polkas in your closet, too good. If not, do not spend loads on it, just a good hair band, socks, belt, handbag is as good. Even a handkerchief around the neck or a polka dotted silk scarf will serve the purpose. So just get em' out !
Flared & Ruffled Bottoms
Any dress that is skirt-like at the bottom should have a flare. A flare is an again not a tough thing to manage. Just hand over an old skirt to the local tailor to add some ruffles and flares to it. And you are done ! And mind you there are no restrictions with the length at all. Get minis, micro- minis, knee lengths, or ankle lengths. A ruffle or a flare or both are your sure shot retro looks !

Gaudy Chunk Jewelry
The whole retro look is incomplete without a loud and gaudy gemstone chunk jewelry. If you have some collectible heavy pieces from your grandma's collection, nothing like it. Get a nice big, chunk of amethyst, studded is rusted silver hung loosely around your neck or a rock size ring for for your manicured fingers, for that outlandish and ultra glamorous diva look.