The concept of forehead jewelry comes from India. Drastically different patterns as hair jewelry accessories have also been found in Egypt. But Indian jewelry with it's classic appeal has found popularity beyond boundaries. The Islamic culture also shares the passion for hair and forehead jewelry with its chunk jewelry ornaments worn on one side of the hair, closer to the forehead. All these pieces of forehead jewelry and their usage has been limited Asian and Islamic states only.

Indian jewelry is gold and gemstone rich jewelry. Gold has unusual important in Indian festivals and occasions like marriage. The bride is laden with jewelry from head to toe. There are different types of ornaments that are used for adorning the hair and the forehead. Maangtika is a term used for a small chain like ornaments that is put on the center hair partition of the bride and a small pendant rests on her forehead. This forehead ornament is often made of gold and a mix of gemstones in a variety of colors. Desired mix of colors can be achieved by choosing the gemstones that occur in specific colors like blue, green, red, deep red and black. In this ornament, usually the chain that goes back into the hair is of gold and the pendant is a chunk of any of the red stones like carnelian or tourmaline.

Another ornament is the a little more heavier version that goes towards the ears, along the forehead hair line with a big chunk hanging on the forehead. This is heavier and gives more space for including a mix of gemstones in a variety of colors. The combinations that can be put together are green and red, green and black, red and black, orangish wine shades and more. The stones for these combinations can be red garnet, orange and red carnelians, pinkish tourmaline, emerald for green, topaz for blue, black stone jasper and hematite for the blacks and more. Exploring a few more stones will give you a lot of other options as well. In case its proving to be a expensive deal, replacing god with black silver can also be done. Blackish silever also gives a very rich and elegant look to the forehead jewelry.