A short black party dress, stilletoes, Gucci clutch and...? And a contrasting crochet stole wrap. The perfect dress for a night party. Crochet scarves and stoles are often perceived to be very limited-utility stoles. But there are different designs, patterns & color combinations that are available in the market. Wearing a different style would give you a different look and a distinguished style. A crochet scarf or a stole might be handmade or machine woven. Usually the machine crochet products have more production style possibilities as compared to hand woven patterns. But crochet scarfs weavers have explored a lot of untried styles, some of which caught up as a rage, and some died as a fad.
Crochet wrap are fashion accessories can be matched with almost any kind of a dress – be it a casual jeans and top, a traditional outfit, a saree, a casual evening dress, party dress, formal evening gown and a flared skirt too.
Choose for yourself and flaunt your crochet knit wraps in style. Read more to check out different types of crochet scarves and stoles & pick your favorites.