A belly dance scarf is a highly decorative version of a hip scarf. It is laden with shimmering sequins of varying sizes in beautiful patterns. The cloth used for belly dancing scarves is usually a netted transparent scarf. Worn in a multitude of colors, they are used to accentuate the waist and hip movements during a belly dance. But with the trend of scarves and stoles catching up among the young lot around the world, it's no more a singular style wear. Belly dance scarves have found an array of creative wearing styles. Lets have a look at a few of them.

Waist Scarf Belt

Belly dance scarves look good when worn with denim bottoms and stiff-fabric skirts. Put them through the loops to make it appear like a belt. Belly dance scarves are made of thin and silky stuff and therefore easily go into these loops. Wrap them around for a casual look.

Around The Shoulder

Keeping in mind that these are decorated with sequin and colorful thread work, they are a little uncomfortable and itchy when they touch the skin directly. They are more poplar as shoulder wraps over plain tops and tees, knotted in front. Combine them with ethnic sleeveless kurtis and a flared ankle length skirt for a bohemian look.

Around The Bag Strings

A stylish handbag looks all the more girly with a nice, light scarves wrapped around it casually. It also serves as a back up scarf for any emergency wrap needs.

Belly Ornament For Ethnic Wears

Traditional Indian dresses that focus on the waist, adorned with a heavily sequined belly scarf, look absolutely stunning. It looks very in place and stylish when teamed with ethnic wears like sarees, shararas and lehengas.