How To Style A Woman's Pashmina Scarf

Due to the sheer size of women's scarf shawls, they have been adopted to fit a number of styles making them an extremely versatile accessory for any occasion, season or sex.

How a shawl or pashmina is worn says a lot about the woman wearing it. According to Karen Homer in, Things a Woman Should Know about Style, (Prion 2003), "a pashmina knotted at the neck says city trader, a pashmina scarf untidily wound round over a denim jacket says wannabe model." Over the last few years pashminas have become increasingly popular, with women's fashion experts coming up with never-ending new ways of wearing one to keep the look fresh and modern.

The Wrap

Perhaps the most elegant way to wear a pashmina and to show off its size and smooth texture is to drape it over your shoulders and fold round accordingly.

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All About Jute Saree

Right from fashion accessories to glamorous garments, we cannot ignore the presence of jute. There is a revolution in using natural fiber for manufacturing different costumes and apparels. Jute has become the favorite fabric for biggies in fashion world. One of the national jute research center in Kolkata developed a specific technology which lessens the roughness of the fabric making it silk soft.  Jute can be mixed with cotton, wool, nylon, rayon, acrylic or polypropylene. Mixing jute with other material upgrades jute in terms of durability, feel, appearance, wash ability and resilience. Thus making it hot on demand fabric for fashion designers. Saree being the most elegant traditional attire, the fashion fanatics are putting their best brain to recreate a new range of design using this natural fiber. The below images are being captured from such show which showcased large collection of jute sarees.

There have been many fashion events showcasing collection of jute apparels. Even Ministry of textile encouraged promotion of jute in many exhibitions in and outside the country. People are accepting the revolutionized fashion. Watch out for more jute saree collection.

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Jute Booties and Beanies

Use of jute accessories and apparel is not only confined to adults but, handmade jute baby beanies and booties are very popular. Jute is considered and ideal material for making booties and beanies because it does not irritate baby soft skin. However, to make the jute fiber softer and silkier, it is been mixed with other fabrics like silk or cotton. Since jute is a natural fiber, it enables the skin of the baby to breath preventing from rashes. Most of the jute booties are crocheted handmade. See the below image of some lovely booties collection. 

Lovely Jute Baby Booties:

Crocheted flowered jute beanies look sweet and lovely. Such jute beanies are popular in child fashion shows. Adorning your baby with such lovely beanies not only gives a cute look but also is comfortable. Due to its natural properties, the jute beanies are able to keep the baby warm and protects from heat in summer. Check out the lovely collections.

Handmade Crocheted Jute Baby Beanies:

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Beat the summer heat with jute footwears

Have you ever peeped inside females wardrobe? Wow! Lovely sandals with different designs and colors to suit every outfit. Yes, this makes the wardrobe complete. If you closely observe the current footwear trend,  those high heel leather pumps are being replaced by much comfortable jute foot wears. Unlike the leather foot wears, the jute sandals does not irritate your feet with sweats. Summer foot wears should be simply comfortable and look trendy as well. Jute sandals are cheaper and look stunning for summers. When it comes to choosing a foot wear, you might wonder with the question of either comfort or style?

One tends to get confused and pick the wrong option and the result is unmatched accessories that increase discomfort. No issues, one can count on jute sandals for an accurate answer for this question. You can have array of jute sandal collections without breaking your bank. Now you can enjoy changing sandals according to the dress you wear. People think that jute foot wears are very simple to be worn in parties. Hang on, there are countless designs of jute sandals available with different designs and color. Hippie metro girls can go for vibrant color high heel jute pumps for party whereas for daily casuals they can opt for flat cool color jute sandals. Jute sandals can be worn in any occasion.

Show off your flowered jute sandal with smart pair of casuals and see the response from your friend. There is a famous saying “ A man is know by shoes he wears”. Now you must be wondering what is there in jute foot wears. If you remember, jute is the most eco-friendly fiber which is bio degradable and can be recycled. So, tell your friends that you are concern about saving environment and be one step ahead amongst your friend. If not environmentalist, you can be a style icon mentoring the youth. Fashion industries are looking towards designing more eco-friendly foot wears and jute serves the purpose. This summer, go and get one of those trendy jute sandals and set your feet free.

Glimpses of Milan Fashion Week 2011

Milan fashion week has always been about impeccable style, suave and chic designs and of course loads of attitude. This year too MFW head started with all that it is known for along with fresh new fashion trends. Presented here is a glimpses of Milan Fashion Week 2011 fall winter menswear, displaying the likes of Robert Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Bottega Veneta and Giorgio Armani. Take a look:

Find the rest of the pictures of Milan Fashion Week 2011, here.

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Contemporary Jute Handbags

Jute shopping bags are great substitute for plastic shopping bags. Most importantly, using a jute bag contributes to environmental conservation. Apart from the conventional jute bag, you can find stylish designs which has become main fashion accessory.  The jute fabric used for making the bag is called burlap. It is recyclable, strong and affordable. The contemporary jute handbags are elegant and matches with most of your outfits. Thus, these bags are increasingly used in all over the world. They are available in vibrant colors with different designs and sizes. The handcrafted jute handbags are unique and lures a buyer into purchasing it.

Jute bags can be embroidered, beaded, sequined or combine with lace.  These bags contribute in setting a new fashion trend amongst the youngster. No other bags are eco-friendly than jute bags and these bags are trendy and useful as well. Handbags mix with jute and silk is common and gives a diversified look.

Beaded and sequined jute purses could be used for evening parties whereas the sober or the vibrant colored ones can be carried in day time. Jute tote bags are very popular amongst women of all ages. Large jute sling bags are stylish and suits best with casual dresses which the teenagers are fond of. These bags are perfect style statement for the girls who hates flashy bags. For more varieties of jute bags available in market, follow the link.

Jute Fashion Accessories

Jute industry is gaining momentum in fashion world. Yes, gone are the days where jute was meant for making conventional sacking bags and other industrial goods. Recently jute is being used extensively in making different fashion accessories. Being natural and eco-friendly material, jute fashion accessories have become good alternative to heavy metal accessories. These accessories look cool in scorching summer and is a perfect pick for the season.

Beaded Jute Jewelry Set
Jute jewelry woven with semi precious stones or studded with fine glass bead is always in fashion and looks trendy as well. These light natural accessories are best for those with sensitive skin. You name any fashion accessory, you can find it the same made of jute. Jute is an asset gifted by mother nature and accessories made of jute are termed summer specific item.
Handcrafted Jute Bag
Your entire look or personality completes with matching accessories with your outfit. Beautifully crafted jute hand bag attracts every ones attention. It is hypo-allergenic material, affordable and stands out of crowd giving a classy look. It looks elegant but keeps intact with the current fashion trend also.

Buying a Men's Blazer : Tips

Buying a men's blazer can be a daunting task as an ill fitted blazer can not only spoil the grace of the entire look but can also cost a loss on the money you spent on it. Hence, it is important to pick a perfect fit blazer that can go well with different sweaters, shirts and t-shirts. Mentioned under are few tips to buy it, take a look:

-The most important thing with blazers is the measurement. Thus, one should be clear with the physical measurements, for that, use a measuring tape and measure under the arms and then across the shoulder blades. The resultant measurement would be the corresponding size of the blazer. For example 40 inches would signify the need of a size 40 blazer.

-Single breast and double breast are the two main types of blazers available in the market. Double breast blazers have its own unique appeal but single breast blazers are the most versatile in terms of style. One can easily team it up with either of the semi-formals, formals and casuals.

-While buying a blazer make sure that you pick a color that goes well with maximum number of your dress shirts, sweaters and trousers. Shades like black, navy blue and gray are safest to buy.

-Fabric of the blazer is again an important consideration. Wool and tweed blazers are the most popular choices but then, one can find suede and cotton blazers as well. Few of these are washable while others need to be dry-cleaned. Label instructions are important to read before buying a blazer.

-The best way to check the comfort and fit of a fashion blazer is by trying it on and experiencing its fit and feel first hand. Wear it and walk around, bend down, stand up, sit and see how the blazer is moving on the body and whether or not it is comfortable.

-Check for overall fit and comfort. Once you have selected a men's blazer, try it on and see how it feels. Sit down wearing the blazer, then stand up, and move around. See how the blazer moves with you and how you feel in it.

Get more buying tips for men's blazer, read Blazers for men : Basic shopping tips

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All About Thermal Wears

Thermal wears are a common set of clothing used in winters to safeguard the body from chilling winters. It is a thin layer of insulating fabric that locks in the body heat and keeps the body warm and cozy against cold. Inner thermal wears are thus, an integral part of winter clothing. Mentioned below are the essentials related with thermal wears, take a look:

Thermal Fabric
The fabric used in thermals is most often either cotton or wool blend. Generally it is made up of a two-ply fabric, that is, a wool layer and an artificial fiber-wool. In certain areas like US, both the layers are made up of artificial fibers to trap more body heat.

Inner thermal wears are worn exclusively in winters to keep the body warm and cozy. In the colder regions, thermal underwears are worn in place of traditional pyjamas as they are a lot more warmer than the flannels or regular cotton pyjamas. Interestingly, at times people also wear thermal clothes to avoid lengthy electricity bills resultant of heaters and blowers.

Styles Available
The most common style of winter thermal wears are long sleeve shirts along with long pants. Being thin fabrics, these are easily worn under jeans, shirts and other outer wears. Though the traditional long johns are rendered perfect for colder seasons but at times there are certain designer wears with which the long sleeved thermal inner wears cannot be worn thus, for such purposes sleeveless thermals wears are also extensively available in markets. Short sleeved mens thermal underwear are perfect to wear under casual dress shirts.

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