Use of jute accessories and apparel is not only confined to adults but, handmade jute baby beanies and booties are very popular. Jute is considered and ideal material for making booties and beanies because it does not irritate baby soft skin. However, to make the jute fiber softer and silkier, it is been mixed with other fabrics like silk or cotton. Since jute is a natural fiber, it enables the skin of the baby to breath preventing from rashes. Most of the jute booties are crocheted handmade. See the below image of some lovely booties collection. 

Lovely Jute Baby Booties:

Crocheted flowered jute beanies look sweet and lovely. Such jute beanies are popular in child fashion shows. Adorning your baby with such lovely beanies not only gives a cute look but also is comfortable. Due to its natural properties, the jute beanies are able to keep the baby warm and protects from heat in summer. Check out the lovely collections.

Handmade Crocheted Jute Baby Beanies:

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