Right from fashion accessories to glamorous garments, we cannot ignore the presence of jute. There is a revolution in using natural fiber for manufacturing different costumes and apparels. Jute has become the favorite fabric for biggies in fashion world. One of the national jute research center in Kolkata developed a specific technology which lessens the roughness of the fabric making it silk soft.  Jute can be mixed with cotton, wool, nylon, rayon, acrylic or polypropylene. Mixing jute with other material upgrades jute in terms of durability, feel, appearance, wash ability and resilience. Thus making it hot on demand fabric for fashion designers. Saree being the most elegant traditional attire, the fashion fanatics are putting their best brain to recreate a new range of design using this natural fiber. The below images are being captured from such show which showcased large collection of jute sarees.

There have been many fashion events showcasing collection of jute apparels. Even Ministry of textile encouraged promotion of jute in many exhibitions in and outside the country. People are accepting the revolutionized fashion. Watch out for more jute saree collection.

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