A perfect pair of shoes, perfect pair of earring, perfect clothing with matching accessory and make up is what makes you complete. Talking about accessory, a jewelry piece is the best way to give a new life to your wardrobe as well as accentuate beauty in you. The vintage jewelry always is in fashion no matter which century or generation you are in. Amongst all the vintage fashion jewelry, the brass jewelry is the pick of the year. Brass is not a precious metal but the natural raw and rustic look gives the earthy feel which is considered regal in today's fashion world. 

The 70s fashion jewelry trend is back and are popular this season. Brass signifying the ethnicity is the popular choice of material for 70s jewelry trend. Brass jewelry does not mean only the gold like color but also are available in different designs made by mixing with other materials or engraved with stone or beads. The yesteryear's brass jewelry is popular as today's fashion jewelry due to several reasons. The affordable price and the resemblance to gold remains the top factor for brass jewelry being the most demanded fashion jewelry. Brass jewelry is also available in big and bold colors with flashy designs yet subtle in look. Let me try to bring out a clear picture of 70s brass jewelry piece designs swaying the current fashion trend.

Brass Pendants
Large brass pendants are a throwback to the '70s. The intricate self designed brass pendants work well with fashion outfits. Following the current design, pattern and color trend, the jewelry designers are coming up with new designs playing with colors and stones. To give a new look to the yesteryear's brass pendants, the modern designs and patterns are applied to the old design boosting the ethnic look.

Brass Earrings
The 70s large dangle and drop earrings made of brass is gaining popularity amongst the celebrities. The Alexander era classic hoop earring depicts strong feminism and are back to fashion. Apart from the large hoop ear tops, the colorful stone embedded big earrings are gorgeous and no more a 70s fashion now. The miniature painted ethnic earrings are funky and a girlish stuff for the current jewelry fashion.

So, do not ever throw your old piece of jewelry which probably has a high chance of being your future fashion accessory. Also you may design your own brass pendant at home with little effort. Read the steps here: 
Brass Pendants : Design yourself and shine like a celebrity