Men's formal fashions have been redefined. It's not about boring plain shirts anymore. With ready made shirts fitting as good as the customized tailored shirts, more and more men are now opting for the ready made dress shirts. The new age dress shirts have taken formal dressing to new altitudes. The choices are so many, that you can manage to wear a new look to office almost everyday.

Men's dress shirts need not stocking, but intelligent buying and smart matching. Stuffing all the colors under the sun, in the closest is foolish. Rather, put together a formal shirts that are not hardcore neutral color dress shirts but a mix of a few basic formal wear colors like light blue, grey, white, black and subtle shades of green, yellow, pink etc.

Putting together a plain shirt with striped trousers is a good idea. A black shirt and a white shirt are a must. Apart from them some of the popular colors with men's plain shirts are off yellow, cream, blue, navy blue, light pink or lavender. They are easy options to avoid any last minute confusions. Whenever in a dilemma, just pick up a plain shirt, wear a nice tie, preferably not plain and a pair of cuff links and you are done.

Striped shirts are a good idea. But the catch with buying striped shirts is, that they may look different in the mall and different when worn. So choose intelligently. Always wear and try the striped pattern to check if it looks as good on you. The two basic types in striped shirts are lighter shades and the brighter ones. Lighter shades are usually cotton blended shirts, which are daily office wears. Linen and woven fabrics are smoother versions of shirts that look amazing in stripes. They are usually available in darker colors and make good wedding and party formal wear as well. Look good without ties and accessorized with a earth color tuxedo. You can also chose from vertical and diagonal stripes. Horizontal stripes are not that popular.

The next variant in men's formal dress shirts are the checked shirts. They are again available in a wide array of color combinations. Stay away from very typical and bright shades as they may make you feel out of place at times. Stick to tried and testing colors. Wear plain ties with them for a sophisticated look.