Pearl accessories are a classic form of jewelry. They are often worn with Indian traditional dresses, usually with saris and suits. But we often tend to overlook the versatile part of this form of jewelry. Pearl jewelery can easily be worn with all sorts of western wear to jazz up the looks. Following are some of the ways how you can team up your pearl necklace with your regular jeans and tops.

Long Pearl Necklace: For this style you need to need to have long length necklace to hang around your neck and this will look amazingly trendy.

Flapper Style: For this style you need to take two rounds around your neck line and wear it in a such style that one layer stick to your neck.

Doubled Pearl Necklace: This one is simplest of all, you just need to wear the pearl necklace in two layers. And in the same way you can make multiple layers out of your necklace, depending upon your liking.

Lariat Style: Take the pearl necklace along its length, wear it around your neck, and then slip the longer half through the loop of the shorter half. This completes your lariat style. It looks smart and out of the box.

Knotted Style: This style will also capture the attention of the on lookers, you just have to tie the knots, keeping in mind the center of a pearl necklace. Tying knots can also be tried in various ways. You can double the necklace and then go for knot, it will surely look trendy and will jazz up your western wear.

So, try these latest trends for a more trendy look.