Dazzling platinum rings with diamond settings have a classy and sophisticated look. Platinum rings are usually associated with rich and elite class because of their high price tag. With gemstones like emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond embedded in platinum rings look even more impressive and alluring. These expensive stones not only enhance the looks of the ring but also make them durable enough. The more the number of stones the more pretty it will look.
 platinum ringWhile choosing a platinum ring you should take into consideration, its cutting and embellishments. Before buying these jewelry rings you should have a clear idea about the price and then go for your choice. Rings with intricate designs and attractive curving done on them are quite expensive. Earlier traditional jewelry was mainly focused on settings of stone but now the designs are given more priority.
platinum ring
Platinum rings are much more dense in comparison to other metal rings and that's why weigh more which tends in increased cost. And being a customer you are paying for the weight of the jewelry ring with precious gems adorned in it. Moreover, the volume might be same for both white gold and palladium ring but when it comes to platinum ring, it will be almost double. And the same goes for price, platinum ring will cost double the gold ring or palladium ring.

So, have one of these classic pieces to add a touch of glamor.