Cufflinks and brooches are perhaps the only original men's fashion accessories that come close to jewelry. Cufflinks specially are still very demanded and preferred accessory. It is an essential part of the men's formal clothing and adds a sophisticated touch. Just like the neck cravats, silk ties and tuxedos, cufflinks are also an accessory that brings a great look to a men's complete formal wear. But the use of cufflinks is not restricted to the formal wear only. It has now stretched to casual jackets and coats in men. Not just in the wearing styles, cufflinks have also changed in terms of the styles and metals being used to produce them. Designer brands and clothing industry barons are actually spoiled the consumer for choice. Trendy designs, flashy metals, diamond stud, 14k & 18k gold cufflinks and what not !

But to adorn gold cufflinks it is important to have a know how of the popular types of gold cufflinks, different brands and designers that offer classic designs in gold cufflinks, what is the price range for gold cufflinks of various types and more. To find about all these things and more, read the complete article.