Men's accessories is no more an alien term. It is very much an earthling and men who wear fashion jewelry and other accessories are not gays. Earrings, rings, neck chains, pendants and piercing rings. All of them are fashion accessories worn by men around the world. Celebrity and model endorsements have further pushed these things down to the normal men.

But men's formal wear fashion accessories still the traditional ones that are being worn since ages now. The traditional formal wear accessories are worn with a sleek new touch to them. New styles that range from minimalist designs to flashy colors. Let's learn a little more about what are these formal wear accessories and for what occasions can they be adorned.

Cravats are tie-like neck wears for men in formals. They are an alternate wear for the tie. Silk cravats are specially popular among men, with a huge range of colors and patterns available in them. Wedding cravats are one of the most scene nowadays as they give a different look than the regular formal ties.
Pocket Squares
Pocket squares can be folded in 'n' number of types and give a very sophisticated look to the whole formal attire. Pocket square folding tutorials are easily available on the Internet. Techniques for different kinds of pocket square folds can be easily mastered with these tutorials.

Cuff links
Cuff links are traditional formal wear accessory objects that are worn on the dress shirt cuffs or the blazer cuffs. They are fashionable and are available in a variety of colors and designs . They can be worn for multiple occasions like parties, weddings and meetings. They are dressy enough to suit all these occasions.

Watches are again classic men's accessories and look very smart when worn with formals. Black straps are the traditional style, but silver and golden chairs, leather straps in browns and black, sleek dials and subtle dial color watches go really well with the formal wears.