Almost all of us are familiar with glass beads, as it is a popular term that we keep on hearing time and again. If we break this word and then read it, its meaning would become much clear to us. The word glass means a hard and transparent object while the word bead refers to a small piece of glass, wood, etc., which is strung in a series on a thread, or so, to form beautiful adornments. Thus, we can say that glass beads are the beads that are fabricated from glass and are used to design fascinating and fashionable jewelry items.

As now we get acquainted with glass beads, let's talk about the designer and decorative glass beads and their types. The contemporary forms of these glass beads are acclaimed with the prefixes like designer, decorative, fashionable, fancy, and so. The emergence of designer and decorative glass beads has revolutionized the ornament industry. Nowadays, these beads are used in almost all types of designer jewelry. The decorative glass beads jewelry is quite in vogue, and it is getting fame and admiration the world over. So, let's learn more about some popular types of decorative glass beads:

1) Frog Beads: This variety of decorative glass beads is greatly inspired by nature and the animals found in it. This design is perfect for those who have a fascination for animals. These beads are also good for decoration purpose, and are available in various styles like frog sitting on a lily pad, jumping frog, and even a dancing frog. The various types of glasses that are used for the fabrication of these beads include venetian, handmade, lamp-work, and furnace glasses.

2) Flower Beads: As the name suggests, these beads resemble a flower. Like flowers, they are also very colorful, lively, and beautiful. Because of their flower shape, these beads are comparatively delicate and need careful handling. They are mainly used in jewelry items like necklaces and bracelets. The common types of flowers that are approximated through these designer beads include lily, acorns, ivy, and sweet pea.

3) Heart Beads: These beads are crafted in a medley of designs, patterns, and colors, by dexterous and proficient bead artists. The shape of these beads, as is also clear from their name, corresponds to the shape of a heart. These beads are usually found in vibrant colors, and witness great demand on occasions like Valentine's Day. The popular types of glasses that are used for manufacturing them include dichroic, furnace, frosted, fused, and blown glasses.

4) Round Beads: These beads are no less than the pearls, in appearance. They possess a shimmering look due to their round shape, and can be used for embellishing a multitude of jewelry items. These beads can be used in a combination with several other types and varieties of beads for the fabrication of splendid necklaces, bracelets, and other such jewelry. The beauty and elegance of these beads entirely depends upon the creativity and proficiency of the artisan.

5) Butterfly Beads: These beads are enticing and endearing by their very nature. The reason being, they resemble one of the most beautiful creatures found in nature, i.e., the butterfly. These astonishing beads are found in a multiplicity of designs, patterns, vibrant colors, and styles. As they possess a lot of intricate patterns and details, they require extensive expertise and artistry on the part of the bead artist. These beads are usually fabricated from Czech, Venetian, Indian, and Chinese glasses.

The beads that are mentioned above, give a general idea about the nature and type of the contemporary decorative glass beads that are available at present. But, there are a lot more types of facts associated with the above beads that are not mentioned here due to paucity of space and time. Indeed, there are a large number and types of glass beads, besides the above-mentioned beads. You might be feeling curious to see and know about them. If so, then enter the glittering and sparkling world of magnificent glass beads through Glass Beads Manufacturers.