Tiger eye stone is the stone that is made up of silicon dioxide (silica). The stone has the parallel lines of golden, yellow or reddish brown lines and got its name as it looks similar to an eye of a tiger. Also there exists the blue variety of this stone that is called 'hawk's eye'. The hawk's eye stone has the bands of dark indigo-blue and greyish-blue color.

There also exists the “Marra Mamba” or Marra Mumba variety of the stone that has striking reddish-brown, blue and green bands. The look of red variety is further enhanced by heating the stone.

Tiger's eye stone has the refractive index -1.54 and hardness – 7 as per Mohs scale of hardness.

Tiger eye stone is a very beautiful stone and full of energies that give you confidence. It is also the Planetary stone of Gemini and given as a gift on ninth wedding anniversary.

The stone keeps the stomach ailments at bay and also diminishes the tensions.

It also gives the confidence to the wearer and prepares him or her for life. Also the evils are ward off with the help of tiger eye stone.

Tiger eye stone helps the person to take right decisions in any situation. Also it will help you to take right path and right approach to solve the particular problem.

It is also a healing stone and very effective for treating eye problem and also it aids to the night vision.

You can even pass through the difficult times of life by wearing tiger eye stone.

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