Have you ever seen a bird making its nest? How they bring one straw at a time and tuck them at the exact position so that it joins the other straws already collected and placed on the branch of a tree! Such a simple activity but so scientific a concept! Our ancestors might have got the inspiration for making fabric from these beautiful creatures only. After all fabric is woven with more or less the same concept- connecting the fibers with each other so that they are tightly joined to form a network which is then known as 'Fabric'. When we go shopping for clothes and reject one after other to select the one with a perfect feel and look, we don't even think about the efforts gone into making that fabric!

How is Fabric Constructed

You now know that fabric is basically manufactured through weaving fibers. Based on the composition of fiber, fabric may be a natural fabric or a synthetic fabric. There are other categories of fabrics too. Other than weaving, there are other techniques also for making fabric, such as knitting and braiding. The technological developments in the textile industry has now made it possible to make fabrics without weaving too. Such fabrics are known as non woven fabrics.

The New Fabrics

As we all know, todays age is the age of specialists. Fabrics are no exception in that matter. Functional fabrics are fast becoming the norm of the day. The Fireworkers cannot work in cotton, they need to have uniform made of flame resistant fabric. The aeroplanes cannot have seats made of ordinary fabric, they need a strong as well as beautiful fabric such as carbon fabric. Why go so high, think of yourself having urgent work out when its raining heavily. Won't you need a raincoat made of some water resistant fabric?

Thats the importance of fabric in our lives! So I'll take your leave now and will come back with some more interesting information on textile.