Today I am going to tell you about the fascinating world of textile. But let me first ask you something. Tell me what comes to your mind when you think about textile or say fabric. Garments.... Clothing....Apparel....Jacket....Gown....Trousers ....Hats ....Gloves.... Have you ever thought of textile without thinking of dresses? I am sure 95 % of you will say “No!” That's it, most of us don't think of textile as a raw material, a thing that can be used further for many other purposes. Now look around you- the chair you are sitting on has a seat made of textile! The bag you are carrying is made of fabric! The carpet under your feet is again textile! You remember your last camp and the tent there- yes it was made of textile and don't forget that sleeping bag in which you had that very cozy feeling on that wintry night! So now you got my point- textile is such a versatile thing that can be formed into a varied range of textile products. We'll discuss some of them here and if you feel like knowing more textile products , you can always search for them on net.

While listing the textile products below, I have tried to include those products which are not generally thought of when discussing textile.

Awnings: The bright and colorful awnings that keep you away from the scorching sun and the rainfall, give a beautiful look to your house at the same time. They are usually made of canvas and marine grade fabric.

Boats: Whether you need to go fishing or have a plan for an adventurous spell in the waters, all you need is a dependable inflatable boat or a kayak. The lesser known fact is that they too are made of fabric- hypalon fabric or PVC fabric.

Bags: Talk of any kind of bag- handbag, tote, backpacks, sleeping bags- all are made of textile- cotton, synthetic fabric, jute and what not- decorated with braids and laces- again made of fabrics. Even your little wallet is made of leather fabric!

Umbrellas: There are different types of umbrellas- the one used for protection against sun and rain, the outdoor umbrellas including patio umbrella, golf umbrella and beach umbrella- all are made from fabrics particularly acrylics and polyurethane-coated polyester fabrics.

Display Booths: Next time you go to an exhibition just try to make out what fabrics - wool felt, duck cloth or canvas, polyester, burlap, velvet, or suede- is used in making those display booths showing the products of your interest.

Have these products generated your interest in knowing more about other textile products! While you surf the net for more information, i'll think about something more interesting for you. So, see you on my next post!