Sapphire stone is one of the most important gemstones used for crystal therapy that provides healing through energy tapped in the stones. However, it is important to fully assess the situation as well as other astrological facts in order to find the right crystal for particular condition. When it comes to sapphires, finding exactly the right colored stone becomes all the more crucial because sapphire acts too fast and too effectively. This means you can feel the good or bad effects of sapphire stone within 2-3 days, minutes or even seconds! Among all, blue and yellow sapphires known as Neelam and Pukhraj respectively have more benefits when compared to other sapphire stones of different colors.

Blue Sapphire Benefits

The most common and the most effective blue sapphire stone has a number of benefits. It brings the wearer wealth, fame, good name, health, happiness, prosperity, long life, mental peace, and trouble free family life. Blue sapphire protects against danger, terror, thieves, accidents and problems occurring due to storms, fire, or natural disasters. It can make one free of mental anxiety. It is related to the throat chakra and therefore it can encourage truth and also help in healing any disease concerning throat. This gemstone also has calming effect and so is beneficial for focusing during meditation. Blue sapphire associates and acts directly on the intellect and thus works on various mental maladies and neurosis. It helps the wearer in avoiding ill effects of enviousness and also protects from dangers in travel, heals illnesses related to nerves including asthma as well as fortifies heart.

Yellow Sapphire Benefits

Yellow sapphire, like its blue counterpart, is also associated with various astrological benefits. They bring good health, happiness, prosperity and fertility to the wearer. However, this yellow stone is only beneficial to the people having certain zodiac signs. For example, it brings luck for people with Aries sign. Those having Cancer as their astrological sign get knowledge, grace and ease of travel from yellow sapphire. While Scorpio get financial gains, Sagittarius is benefited with increased concentration and mental peace. People with Pisces sign get enhanced leadership, spiritual and academic abilities when they wear yellow sapphire.

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