Aquamarine is the birthstone of people born in March. It derives its name from Aqua meaning “water” and mare means “sea”.

This stone belongs to beryl family and the color ranges from pale blue to beautiful aqua blue. You can also find the large aquamarines of more than 10 carats. Most common cut that is given to this stone is “emerald cut” or “step cut.”

Some of these stones have very few inclusions thus very clear in appearance. Inclusions are the impurities that affect the sparkle and jazz of the stone.

Benefits of Aquamarine Stone

  1. Since ages this stone is considered beneficial for the sailors as it ensures the safe journey through water. According to Romans and Greeks this stone is said to stir the sea spirits thus leading to safe journey.
  2. Aquamarine stone is considered very good for a happy and a long married life.
  3. You can have an everlasting youth with this stone that also have healing as well as other magical properties.
  4. Most of the diseases related to glands are treated with this stone.
  5. People who wear this stone are stable headed and can take decision is the toughest of conditions. Also the wearer get the bodily as well as spiritual purity after wearing this stone.

Wearing and Charging Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine stone can be charged by keeping it in the moon light for the whole night. Full moon light is very beneficial for charging the stone.

For best effect always wash the stone and then dry it in moonlight.

It is recommended that before wearing this gem stone, hold it close to your heart and then think that a white light is emerging from aquamarine that is merging with the white light from your heart chakra. Then pray to the aquamarine stone in heart to give you the best of its properties. Now open your eyes and if you feel that the stone has understood you then wear it.

To keep the stone in a good shape wash it with water plus very soft soap but do not do this daily. Also keep it away from heat as heat changes the color and properties of the aquamarine.