No more gray, brown or natural colored beachwear for men as beachwear is now considered as a smart and stylish dressing. Also because swimming now has become more of a stylish sport, so clothes and accessories associated with this are ought to be trendy. The idea behind beachwear is to look cool and relaxing.

There are many options of this clothing for men these days. But if you want to enjoy beach and nature, make comfort a thumb rule while buying them. Also buy only that clothing which is perfect for your body type. Say if you are long and a sturdy fellow then do not go with the too short shorts as these wont look nice and will be very uncomfortable. Boxer briefs are in fashion hence you can buy the one as per size. In addition to body type do consider your skin color and size of your body. Apart from this regard season for buying any beachwear. In case of summer you can buy the yellow or floral shorts.

Drastic change in beachwear had occurred during 1930 when men started going out bare-chested. During 1970 shorts and mid things became a rage and everyone was seen wearing these on beach. Speedo-style swimming briefs came in 1980. In 1990s with the popularity of surfing sports, board shorts became popular. Also beachwear for us is part of holidaying that we do not do everyday. So what we wear must be fashionable but very comfortable.

Do not wear beach jewelry if you are not confident to carry it with style as this then will damage the whole look. If you are a person who loves the casual approach then go with the Tee shirt to be used as beachwear. In this category also comes the smart vests, sleeveless shirts, boxer shorts etc.

But overall, the changes in beachwear industry are quiet slow. These days it has become a designer's choice as they experiment with all sorts of colors, patterns, cuts and styles for this. So look trendy with designer beachwear.