So, you are about to buy your dream diamond engagement ring. That's a great feeling! But don't let your feelings interrupt with buying the fine quality of this most special ring. Consider all the aspects like shape of diamond, its setting type so that you could wear it lifelong and be proud of your choice. Of course, it will look great on your finger if you choose the right one. Here are some tips for you to buy that perfect engagement ring!

Select the Perfect Diamond Shape

Shape of diamond will decide how beautiful your engagement ring looks on your finger. You will find a whole lot of shapes like round, princess, emerald cut, pear and even heart shape. However, do not just go by the most popular trends because sometimes your finger built doesn't suit to a particular shape. Always buy one that is most suitable for your hands. To get some tips to choose shape for engagement ring, read How to Choose Perfect Diamond Shape?

Check the Stone Setting

Fine craftsmanship definitely will ensure high quality gemstone setting in jewelry including engagement rings. You have to check many aspects like the metal which holds the stone is smoothly finished or not (if not, it might catch on your dress)? Whether the gemstone is firm and the metal is well polished or not? To get some help on these points, know the popular diamond setting types

Learn to Recognize Diamonds

Know more and more about the gemstone. The value of this most precious stone is decided by 4Cs- carat, color, cut and clarity. Read about, and if possible learn from those who deal in diamonds, to know how these four qualities affect them. Visit jewelry stores and look at as many of them as you can. Also know that sometimes even minor differences in cuts or proportions can have an impact on a stone's price and beauty. Insist upon diamond certified by a reputed lab, though they can be a bit higher in price but are worth to pay for. Start now and read about Diamond Stone.

If you keep all these points in mind while choosing the engagement ring, you will definitely get the one that is perfect for you!