Rubies are a real charm for anyone! However, to find a true ruby gemstone is also a real difficult task. There are so many types of ruby gemstones available in the market that when you are out to buy one, you get confused- which red color is the color of true ruby, why some rubies are clear and others not, why some of them do not sparkle and whether those which shine or those which don't shine are the true rubies? These are only some of the questions that disturb your mind while you try to buy a ruby gemstone- either for jewelry or for its many benefits. Here are some tips for you that can help in finding out the true ruby gemstone.

  • The color of ruby- the outstanding red color- is the first sign of its purity. A ruby is red and nothing less than that- its not purple, not pink and not even a “sort of red color.”
  • An untreated ruby is very difficult to find, if you get one you are lucky in that matter. However, all rubies, including natural ones, are given at least heat treatment for improving clarity and transparency. Though heat treated rubies are less costlier than untreated natural ones, they are not fake.
  • Although heat treatment do not affect the quality of ruby but other treatments can such as glass filling or lead filling. Glass filling improves clarity of rubies and lead filling improves both clarity and color but then lead is injurious to health and glass is nothing compared to ruby.
  • When buying ruby gemstone, you must also be cautious about not buying imitation rubies. Other than natural rubies, the gemstone dealer can even offer you synthetic or laboratory created rubies. Synthetic rubies, not as costlier as natural rubies, are still acceptable because their composition is similar to the natural ones but imitations are fake gemstones. To know the exact difference between synthetic and imitation rubies as well as other criteria to check while shopping for the gemstone, read Buying Guide for Ruby Gemstone
Identifying and buying rubies is tricky enough because evaluating ruby is a difficult task in intself. Therefore, the best way is to buy them from a trustworthy jeweler or gemstone dealer or at least get the one that comes with a certificate from a reputed gemstones laboratory. There are many certification agencies and thus you might not find it difficult to buy ruby with a certificate of its authenticity!

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