Crochet shawls are wonderful clothing accessories. One can mix and match it with various outfits as each time it will end up looking nothing less than stylish! Adding a beaded fringe to a closed stitch patterned crochet shawl can add that missing dash of glamor to it. Take a look at the step by step procedure under, to know how to add beaded fringe to a crotchet shawl wrap:

Fringe Making Procedure

Step 1
Start with a chain which measures as much as your shawl's length. Generally, the standard size or length of a shawl is around 60 inches. Now, begin with single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in every chain across.

Step 2
In the next step, chain three and turn. Then, twice crochet within the second single crochet and in each and every single crotchet across the row, thereafter. Further, once crochet in every double across the row. Keep repeating the pattern until you get the desired width of the shawl while ending with a single crochet row.

Step 3
Make a slip stitch to fasten off the shawl. Then cut your working yarn and make another tight slip stitch for securing it.

Step 4
Cut 8 inches long yarn lengths as two of these fringe pieces would be needed for every every inch of the width of the shawl. Thus, calculate as to how many fringe pieces you would need and make the calculated number of fringes accordingly. For example if the shawl is 20 inches wide, then one would need 40 pieces of fringes on each side of shawl. That together makes a total of 80 fringe pieces to complete the shawl.

Step 5
Rope one fringe length of yarn into a needle. Make sure that you use appropriate eye blunt needle for for thick yarn and embroidery needle for thin yarn. Now rope two beads onto the yarn and needle. For obvious reasons, the chosen bead should be big enough to accommodate needle as well as the yarn.

Step 6
Thread two beads onto the needle and yarn. The beads you choose must be large enough to accommodate your yarn and needle in this process. Take off the yarn from the needle, making sure that the beads keep stuck on the yarn. Next tie a knot at the end of each yarn and slide down the beads so as to make each one rest against the knot. Repeat the same step for each fringe length.

Step 7
Lastly, fold the fringe length into half to have a loop in the center with the beads and knotted ends dangling down. Use the crochet hook for pulling the loop through the short edge of the shawl, from front to back. Secure the knotted and beaded ends by pulling it through the loop onto the edge of the shawl. Repeat the same for all the fringes.

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